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I Made That?
Published on Friday, February 21, 2014 by

Day 21 of the WWFC writing challenge brings us the subject, “Yes, I made that.”

trading Pikachu card

My children.  How many times have I looked up and seen the inconceivable?

“I hate reading!”  “He took my Pokemon card and won’t give it back!”  “Mom we were TRADING cards!”  “But you didn’t say Black Black No Trade Back!”  “I get to ride in the front!”  “HE is the one who keeps the room messy!”  “She keeps telling me she hates me!”  “He FARTED on me!”

Sometimes I look at these strangers and think, “I made that?”

But then I hear…

“Mom, if you ever need any money, you just ask me.  You don’t have to pay it back.”  “All my friends say you are the coolest Mom.”  “I will take care of you forever.”  “Mom, you are still young!”  “I want to volunteer for the dog adoption events.”  “I worked for two whole days helping our neighbor pack to move.”  “I gave my classmate money on the field trip so she could buy something too.”

And I proudly think, “Yes, I made that.”

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