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I Have Fallen In Love
Published on Thursday, December 16, 2010 by

old russian singer

I am sorry Man Over Board, but I have found someone new to covet from afar.  A man’s man.  He is well dressed, suave and croons with a velvet voice that was surely created by angels.  Once you see him, I’m sure you will understand.

Ladies, get ready to dump your men and stand in line.  I’ll share.  He is almost too much for me.  Dim the lamp, light the candles and prepare for the ride of your life.  And by the way… you are very welcome.

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  • Okay? Who? I’m lost here. 🙁

    • Try again, I temporarily lost the video… let me know if it shows up 🙂

  • Okay… that was kinda scary… BUT I laughed and I needed to so thank you so very much.


  • You’re too generous. lol

  • Poor Glenn! How could he possibly compete?

  • Dear God! I need to go take a cold shower! Where did you find him? He is so “special”!

  • Ok Katherine no more posts AFTER hitting the egg-nog.

    I get a kind of Mr. Bean vibe from him – so strange. But funny – my 6 year old was cracking up when I told her you were in love with him. “He’s not very hot mommy”

  • We think we might be Gay now. Dude is HOT 😉 OH la la la

    BTW where do you find these Kath? Shouldn’t you be out Holiday shopping or at least making cookies for Santa. You nut head, LOVE IT!!!

  • damn, what a cutie-not. lol. Was he lip syncing too??

  • Jeannie

    I have been in A LOT of pain lately…I sure could use what ever he is on…..blhahahahahhahahaha!!!! Or you since you find him so unbelievable good looking!!!!

  • OMG that was great, he looks like one of the villains from the 007 movies with Sean Connery.

  • I just peed in my pants. Ahahahahahahahh! OMG!!!!!! I want whatever he’s on!

  • Now THAT was 2:42 well spent. Seriously.

  • He told me I was his one true love. Lying bastard.

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