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I Got The Little Bugger On Video!
Published on Sunday, August 8, 2010 by

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Did I swim THIS weekend in the ocean?  Let’s see.  Crab larvae?  Check.  54 degree water?  Check.  Outer Banks jelly fish?  Check.

But GUESS WHAT.  I went in ANYWAY for a few minutes.  {angels singing!}

Saturday afternoon the jellyfish cleared out to about 10 a wave rather than 100.  The crab larvae were minimal and the water warmed to 60+.  I looked at my mom and said, “I’m goin’ in!”

A few small stings later I came out drenched with sea water paired with a huge grin on my face.  (While I scratched my hind parts to get a stray crab larvae or two.)   The tide immediately changed at that point and the water became rip tide city, so those few minutes were all I got.

We will go out this morning before lunch, so I’m crossing my fingers.  But yesterday I came, I swam, I conquered – if only for a few tiny moments!

Outer Banks Jelly Fish from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

And guess what else?  I played Corn Hole for the first time.  On the beach.  In my bathing suit.  I didn’t win but I got a Corn in One.  What does that make me?

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