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I Found a Ball
Published on Thursday, January 5, 2017 by

Today’s blog writing challenge theme is “I found a ball.”

I found a ball. And I dropped it. Today, that is… with this challenge. Because my “cardiac arrest and open heart surgery” child called me and while talking, tripped and fell on his foot. “Mom, I think I broke my toe.”

After sitting for three hours at Patient First, I am finally home with him. And I am exhausted. While he is sitting pretty with Tramadol running through his veins.

For someone who has had his chest cracked open, this was peanuts. Who breaks a toe and doesn’t even whimper?! My son, apparently.

On the good side, I now have a new nickname for him. “Twinkle Toes.”

So please excuse my lack of “I Found a Ball” creativity. Because tonight I dropped it. Fortunately though, I didn’t drop it on my son’s toe.

broken big toe xray

big broken toe

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  • Oh ouch. Toes are difficult to heal. Not much you can do with them. He’s a tough one for sure.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    • Some tape and a prayer, from what I understand. And some pain meds for the first few days. 🙂

  • lissa

    things happen and don’t have control over them so, no big deal that you didn’t get to the challenge.

    I hope your son recovers and have a lovely day.

    • His foot is very swollen but he is hobbling around on crutches today. Thank you!

  • Paul

    That looks like a tough break too. Will he be able to put any weight on it for awhile?

    • He is on crutches… but has to work, as per his work, until closing tomorrow. LIke after 12 closing. On crutches, in pain, making pizza. Not good.

  • Bless his heart and yours. I know that foot injuries don’t heal quickly…I’ve had a few. You didn’t drop the ball, you were on it taking care of your boy!

  • I broke some toes when I was a kid and didn’t even miss a beat. It
    wasn’t until a day or so later than I went to put on new shoes and they
    didn’t fit. Seems my foot had swollen. Once at the doctor, we realized
    my foot was broke. I know how I did it, but crazy that it didn’t hurt

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