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I Am On Steroids, Hear Me ROAR!
Published on Saturday, July 18, 2009 by

steroid symptomsI am on an antibiotic for 21 days and am on steroids as well.  I was great on vacation in Corolla – but when I came back to my hometown – allergy capital of the Universe, I immediately had a sinus infection.  A BAD one. 

I am finally settling down for the night (1 a.m.!?) and typed a bunch of posts on my facebook page.  Then I realized, “Hey, this is great blog material!”  After all, what could be better than seeing a day in the life of a crazy Mom on steroids?  (OK, there is a lot of stuff better than that – but I am wide awake and need to find things to do!) 

Here are my facebook entries for your reading pleasure:

“On steroids for my “illness.” I have taken Eliz to lunch & the pet shop. Grocery shopped (big one), picked up 2 boys, cleaned fridge out a bit, redid the freezer, put groceries away, played with E, packed boxes for storage, began to dust, clean, pickup living room and den, vacumed, swept, cleaned hardwood floors, cooked dinner, fed the zoo (animal zoo on top of kids), shook out area rugs, put food away….

…played mario baseball on the gamecube, waited for John to leave then grabbed Michael. We carried six boxes to garage, got ladder out of back yard, positioned, I climbed up while they held the ladder, shimmied my way up to the attic (the stairs are long since broken), grabbed huge boxes as they lifted them to me, found room, came out of the attic, went back up to get door on, Michael stopped me and did it himself…

..noticed my room was needing cleaning. Dusted, swept, vacumed, cleaned hardwood floors, realized I spelled vacuum wrong lol, glued something I broke in a cleaning frenzy, put on clean sheets, put clothes in order and put away, wait, the bathroom is dirty! Swept, scrubbed, sprayed, cleaned the bathroom… wait, the other bathroom is dirty – did the same with the 2nd bathroom (what WAS that on Michael’s toothbrush!?)

… wow the gamecube has wires all over the floor! Pull the HUGE entertainment center out (hey it is about 12:30 at night!), rewired the gamecube system on my hands and knees with a flashlight, put entertainment center back, oh gosh more sweeping now… swept.. pant pant… WINE? I have WINE? Get some WINE! Stop moving Stop Moving Stop Moving!


I’m on steroids for three more days.  Anyone need their house moved?

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