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I Am Going To Adopt Jamie Oliver
Published on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 by

Jamie Oliver

I don’t have cable, so during the week my mother will tape a favorite show or two for us to watch on the weekends.  These usually include anything Anthony Bourdain, Anne Burrell and of course, Jamie Oliver.

I’ve salivated over many Jamie Oliver shows, mindlessly repeating NOM NOM NOM as I do my best impression of Homer Simpson eying a do-nut.  Healthy, fresh and often outdoor cooking – what could be better.

And charming?  Jamie Oliver has it all.  British charm, a boyish cuteness and an obvious devotion to his wife and children.  This guy is gold.  But after watching an hour long sneak peek of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, I’ve decided the man has jumped past gold and reached pure platinum.

In Food Revolution, Jamie leaves his family for a three month long stay in the most unhealthy city in the United States.  There, he begins his revolution to completely change school meals and to teach residents how to cook healthy and delicious food.  And he is doing it FOR FREE.

Imagine walking down the street to Jamie’s Kitchen, only to learn from THE MASTER.  A few ingredients here, several spices there (while trying not to peek at his butt) and voila – instant cooking lesson from a Naked Chef.  Do these people have any idea who he is and what he is sacrificing to help them?

Watching Jamie Oliver try to work around the USDA will be quite a thing to see.  But even better?  Jamie Oliver working around the lunch ladies, who are none too happy to have him there!

The Sneak Peek introduces a family whose mother uses the deep fryer daily for almost every meal.  Jamie spends a day with her and cooks everything she normally does, meal after meal after meal.  He then throws all of the food on to the table, which soon becomes a mountain of greasy fried golden artery-clogging death.  The previously giggling mother soon breaks down, stating, “I  am killing my children!”  Jamie is not one to lie.  “Yes, you are.  But not anymore.”

Jamie is accused of doing all this for television.  During the show, he tears up, explaining his ideas for change are truly from his heart.  And I believe him.

Watching this show, I smugly thought to myself, “How can you possibly feed your children that JUNK!”  But that one finger pointing away revealed four others pointing back at me.  What goes in my children’s lunches?  A sandwich on honey wheat bread – not so bad.  But what about the “filler” I throw in there?  Granola bars.  Potato chips for one.  Little Debbie for another.  All processed crap.

So I’ve made a decision.  I am going to adopt Jamie Oliver.  He’s happily married, making the whole cougar thing ridiculous.  I know what you are saying.  “Katherine, you are too old to be a grandmother!”  Yea, I know.  But hey, this is Jamie Oliver!

I figure he can help me find healthy foods I can tolerate with my Gastroparesis.  He can help me prepare healthy school lunches that my children will actually consume.  He can teach me to prepare pork loin that falls apart in your mouth.  And I’ll babysit for him so he and his wife can have a night on the town.  This requires me moving to England.  As long as my mom and kids can come… and as long as I can bring my warm Corolla beach, then I’m in.

But seriously?  I’m on board and have signed his Food Revolution petition.  Won’t you sign too?

And while you are at it – healthy school lunch ideas. Comments. Below. HINT!

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  • After you adopt him, will you take cute pictures of him around the house and post them on your blog? And talk about how adorable he is in the kitchen at 6 am? Because then I will totally make your blog my homepage.

  • I’d never heard of this guy, so thanks for posting about his healthy food campaign. I’m all for it and signed the petition. And you’re right. He’s totally hot.

  • My daughter is a food network junkie, this started when she was about 8 years old with Julia Child and Yan Can Cook! Weird kid. Anyway, I love Jamie Oliver. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about his new show. I have to go tell my daughter.
    If you adopt him maybe he’ll want to move in with you. Perfect. He probably likes the beach too.

  • I don’t think it is all for publicity. Jamie Oliver has been working with schools to revise their lunch programs for years. Even before he was really famous. Alice Waters does it too and she isn’t on TV at all. I think it is just a chef thing. For healthy lunches, it depends on your kids likes. My daughter likes whole carrots, peeled. She wont eat the baby carrots, but she likes nibbling on the whole ones. If your kids like dip, you can include it too. I also like cereal as a snack. I know it is sweetened, but it has a lot of added vitamins so it beats chips, granola bars and cookies.

  • Insightful review of a great show, Katherine. And more to come in the series. Big Food, take note! ABC repeats the show (Fri & Sun); 1st full episode also appears on Hulu.

    Your healthy lunch resolve will serve mankind more than simply adopting JO, and inspired today’s post. I’ve enough content for two more like it. I wonder if some schools have microwave oven access for students? It would make brown-bagging it more expansive. Either way, bringing lunches to the workplace & school rocks; saves energy, too.

  • I used to make my kids homemade pancakes the size of silver dollars. I’d put an unsweetened single-size serving of applesauce for them to dunk the pancakes into. Believe it or not, the other kids in class always wanted to trade their Dunkaroos for my pancakes! The great thing about making the pancakes so small is that one batch makes a TON of pancakes that you can freeze for another lunch.

  • Jen

    I’ve been thinking about this too, especially when I’m packing my daughter’s lunch. It has to be processed because there is no place to refrigerate or to heat the lunch up. She is so sick of PB&Js. I can’t wait for real good tasting fruits and veggies to hit the stores or come out of my garden.

  • Jen

    Oh, and he has a really cute butt.

  • This looks good Katherine, I will have find it and catch an episode, thanks

  • much like injanynesworld said, I’d never heard of this guy, so thanks for posting about his healthy food campaign. I’m all for it and signed the petition too!

  • Haha! I agree. He is very very charming and with his devotion to his wife and children, I really think that he is gold.

  • ScoMan

    I’ve never watched Jamie Oliver. Sometimes he goes too far (like that whole killing the poor animal.. I forget what it was now?), but sometimes he does good things like this.

    Hopefully he can get change happening not just in that town, but all around the world. People need to stay healthy.

  • Crap. I thought the preview was this week. Now I have to go online and see this episode. I can’t believe I missed it.

    • Jerseygirl89: Oh boy now I have a mission… I wanna be that homepage! But even better? Seeing Jamie Oliver in my kitchen at 6 a.m.!
      Injaynesworld: Thanks for signing! He is on this Friday for the two hour premier. Worth a watch! You have probably seen a bunch of commercials already.
      Buggys: Oh we love Yan too! My kids enjoy watching the shows mom tapes. You think Jamie would make some beach picnic lunches?
      Anne: I remember when my middle child wasn’t eating anything but bread. He was underweight and so SO picky. The doctor recommended sweetened cereal for that very reason! Have you seen the shows where Jamie Oliver takes kids who have had hard lives and he teaches them to cook, then hires them? He is all about helping others… a really great guy.
      JoyaCookin: I have always wished the kids could use the microwave in school. At least the middle school kids… I understand the younger ones. Plus there is a time limit in the lunch room. You know, I wonder if I could actually do one week of no processed foods, every meal. That would be HARD. If I was a stay at home mom I could easily swing it. It is the working part that I think makes this happen all over America!
      Nicky: I love the dunking idea! That is AWESOME! Kind of like potato pancakes with sour cream and applesauce, but healthier! And putting one in a lunch box… that is very cool. Maybe I could use a bit of whole wheat flour in it, and provide something for a “wrap” with them.
      Jen: YES HE DOES!!!!!
      Man Over Board: You should definitely watch. The sneak preview was EXCELLENT.
      Meleah Rebeccah: Thanks for signing! The show was very entertaining… as well as eye opening. It is on Friday – check it out!
      Luigi: Charm is his middle name I’m sure. I love the way he talks about his kids and wife on the shows… she is lucky!
      Scoman: I don’t know about the animal? I know he has a garden and animals… he butchers chickens and lambs. I am NOT a lamb person – and I could never kill one! But I do eat chicken… I would not be able to do it myself, especially if I had them at my house – they would be pets… but I can’t be a hypocrite and say I don’t eat them. But not lamb or veal.
      Shelly: I think they just showed the first hour of the two hour premier that is on this Friday night – so you get to see it all!

  • Hi Katherine,
    Hey, I spaced. I passed a “Happiness Award” to you and your blog last week and forgot to tell you. If you visit my blog, its under “Happy List”, it tells you about it. I passed it to you because of your fun, “happy” personality that of course makes for a fun, happy blog.

    Hoping Jamie Oliver might come up with a healthy GP eating list. Healthy white, non-fiber foods…now that would be something. Kerry

  • Sue

    I watched the Food Revolution the other night. And liked it, I will probably watch it again. But as far as him being sexy or anything – sorry I just don’t see it. He does nothing for me personally – lol.

  • I just caught up on my recorded shows and watched the first 2 hours of Food Revolution last night. I thought it was really great! I loved Jamie Oliver already, and I think his heart is really in the right place with this show. Yes, there’s a little bit too much reality TV drama, but I think this is such an important issue. I’m struggling with the junk at home right now, both because of my stubborn husband who has no desire to change and my son with gastroparesis who likes to eat junk…and I’m hesitant to stop him since we want him to gain some weight. I’m definitely cheering Jamie on with his efforts, and always on the lookout for new healthy, kid friendly meals. I’ll be making my own chicken nuggets sometime this week. We’ll see how well that goes over with my picky kid. 😉

  • I could eat the boy right up. He is such a cutie AND charming to boot! I only have one problem and it seems so silly as I know what he is trying to do with this show – he ALWAYS leaves his family behind.

    I could never figure out if he wanted them to be out of the spotlight and therefore out of the tabloids or he just goes away and leaves Mom to cope. He left for his Italian journey and the one in Australia and this one.

    Mind you, I used to watch his first show – The Naked Chef and the following show and watched him go on the first date with his then-wife-to-be and it was so cute to watch.

    I think I got the Food Channel Canada and BBC America just to watch him… him and Nigella.


    • You know what, I thought about that too. She was pregnant recently (if not still? not sure) for this particular America show and he left her pregnant in England to watch the kids by herself. Well, they probably have enough money that she has a staff or at least a helper… but still. However, I think I love him so much because he CARES… he was sacrificing to do good for others… a true gem – and I'm sure his wife was amazingly proud of him. I really don't feel he was doing the US show for money, but to really help.

      I don't have cable so I haven't seen him touring other countries. Do you think he brings them along?

  • I also love Jamie, he did a FREE show in Australia when he came earlier this year, (free to us, I am sure someone paid him), and I am sad to say that we embarrrassed ourselves completely – the people in the audience went wild, terrible, totally feral – I hope Jamie doesn't think too badly of us.

    • After what I've seen of Jamie on TV, I bet he ate it up and wanted more! I bet he LOVED Australia!

  • Kat

    Am a big fan of Jamie Oliver and really appreciate what he's doing. He's got a great personality and a loving heart.

    • I agree Kat! Jamie seems like a generally “good guy” who really cares about others. And his food… all the stuff he cooks outside… oh BOY!

  • gjuro

    This is great. I love Jamie cooking.

    • He is GREAT, isn't he? I love every recipe of his that I've tried… his pork roast is amazing!

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