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I am a Stupid B*%&@
Published on Sunday, October 27, 2013 by

When I was taught how to drive, a red arrow meant stop and do not turn.  AT ALL.  If you turned on a red arrow, you were making an illegal turn.  Period.

law for red arrow

So last week I came to a red arrow.  Several cars were behind me, waiting for the light to turn green.  Except for two women a few cars back who were extremely angry that I would not break the law.  HONK HONKKKK!  HONK HONK HONNNNKKKKK!

Those ignorant women are not only rude, they have no clue how to follow the law.  Sheesh.

The light finally turned green, allowing me to make my move and pull in to the feeder road.  It only took a moment for the two lovely women to fly by me, rolling down the window as they passed in order to scream, “STUPID B*%&@!!!!”


A week later, I approached a police officer who was working at a local school function.  “Officer, can I ask you a question?  What does a red arrow mean?”

“It means stop completely, see if it is clear and then you can turn.  Virginia Beach is not only putting up lots of new red arrows, but they are adding yellow arrows as well.”

Well I’ll be darned.

Apparently, I am indeed a stupid B*%&@.  My bad!

oops sign

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  • Ron

    Katherine, I was laughing my ass off at this post, and do you want to know why?

    When my family moved from PA to Florida, the same thing happened to me. I had NO IDEA that you could turn on red after stopping and checking for traffic. I kept wondering WHY everyone was HONKING at me and yelling, “TURN YOU IDIOT!”

    And yet it’s funny, because now the law has changed in PA as well – you CAN turn on red.

    Fun post, girl!

    Hope you had super weekend…..X

    • Ha ha… “Turn, you idiot!” Well that’s a shade better than, “You fucking bitch!” AH HA HA HA!!!!

  • Mel

    *snickering* Yup–me too! And now it’s the left turn in other states that throws me cuz I’m accustomed to the right turn on red, but NOT the left turn into controlled traffic which threw me for a loop! And my saving grace was the out of state plates. LOL

    • You know, we are in NC on most weekends until Thanksgiving…. I just realized in NC I won’t know what to do with a red arrow. AHHHH!!!!!

  • Red arrows? We do have a green arrow, in some places, which means that cars can go, if they are turning right, but no driving straight across. No red arrows in the UK though. If we had them I would be a stupid B*%&@ too, because it say STOP to me.

    • What I don’t understand is the YELLOW arrows too… I don’t even know what they will mean!

      • Yellow arrows? My word, you have a lot of arrows 🙂 We only have green for ‘GO’ I assume you have red, amber and green traffic lights?

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Red Arrow.

  • They were rude. I mean really. They couldn’t wait two minutes. Impatient #@!%#es!!! In my town, no one stops at stop signs. They roll right through them. I’ve got to reread the driver’s manual and see if I missed something.

  • I’d be confused as well. I have never seen a solid red arrow here. A flashing red arrow, I understand, The newest deal here is the flashing yellow arrow, which means yield until you can turn safely.

    If any one is a stupid b&$#@ it’s the rude driver that was in such a rush.

  • WTF? I always thought a red arrow meant stop and wait for the green, and the fact that your red arrow did eventually turn green just reinforces that you are not a stupid B*^#h. The traffic light people are the stupid ones. I’m still stopping on red unless it’s flashing.

  • adnan001009

    hehehe really funny… great article though.. well help alot of peoples i guess



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