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My Whirlwind Vacation
Published on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 by

Or should I say… “my hurricane vacation?” Because my family vacation had a hurricane tucked in it. Let me share the following quote:

“The National Hurricane Center said Arthur is the earliest hurricane to hit North Carolina since records began in 1851. The previous record was July 11, 1901.”

The actual quote should read:

“The National Hurricane Center said Arthur is the earliest hurricane to hit North Carolina since records began in 1851. The previous record was July 11, 1901. Record breaking Hurricane Arthur will hit on the Fourth of July in 2014 because that is the day that Katherine’s entire family goes to Whalehead for a magical night of fireworks. Oh yea, and they love to swim.  So add several days of upwelling and rip currents… just because.“

Fortunately, after much preparation and anticipation, Arthur proved to cause less damage than many nor’easters we have experienced in Corolla. Let me show you the massive cleanup I had to conquer the day after the storm:

remember hurricane arthur

What else did I do on vacation?

I dyed my daughter’s hair.

dyed tips

I tweeted about a touron who was clearly NOT a beach superstar.

beach superstar

I called the Sherriff about a family who kept launching illegal Japanese Lanterns over the WOODEN HOUSES and DRY BRUSH in Corolla. I was the third to call. Just that week there was a house fire caused by illegal fireworks set off by renters. When a flaming lantern just missed our neighbor’s house, she marched to the beach herself and stopped the stupidity. I may sound judgmental, but fireworks are illegal in the Outer Banks for a reason. Safety. Flying balloons of fire. Uh huh.

illegal sky lanterns

I came across Milton the Turtle at the Whalehead Club docks and fed him at least six drumsticks. We could hear the bones crunching UNDER THE WATER!

giant obx turtle

My son treated me and my daughter to the best barbeque in Corolla from Corolla Village Bar-B-Que. You know the barbeque will be amazing when they only have outdoor tables.

best corolla bbq

I got bored waiting for people to wake up each day. So one morning I decided to make a Henna tattoo. And then I did another. And then another. This is why I should not get a real tattoo. I am afraid I will not be able to stop. (OK OK I’m going to get one!) There was much eye cutting at my tremendous artwork. Cough cough. NO ONE chose to make their own Henna tattoos after taking a look at mine. I’m just sayin.

turtle henna tattoo

mermaid henna tattoo

I walked on the beach the morning after Hurricane Arthur, taking pictures of windblown waves and of children practicing “safety first” with their hurricane-proof beach airbags.

windy waves

beach airbags

And do you know what else I did? I didn’t go online. I didn’t check Facebook posts more than eight times over ten days. I relaxed. And I READ A BOOK. <GASP!>

mom blog

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