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How To Remove A Splinter
Published on Sunday, May 20, 2012 by

How to remove a splinter may be putting it delicately.  Because this weekend, my daughter had to perform surgery on her own foot. In my eyes, however, she was not removing a simple splinter from her big toe, but a giant tree of death.

Saturday I left my daughter and her friend with two 18-year-olds while my mother and I took a 20-minute trip up the street.  After getting new line put on my reel and obtaining a much needed Dunkin Donuts iced coffee (and turbo shot!) we drove back to the beach house.

The minute I opened the door I knew there was trouble.  “Mom!?  Mom??!!!  I have a splinter in my foot and I can’t get it out!  Mom!?  It hurts REALLY BAD.  I mean REALLY REALLY BAD!”

My son caught my eye as I climbed the stairs, mouthing to me, “It’s BAD.”  Oh boy, here we go.

Did I mention in the last ten days my daughter has had a stomach bug, hit her head causing a concussion and broke one of her toes?  Furthermore, she wrenched a finger and wore a splint for two of those ten days.  Wasn’t it time for a break?

I approached my daughter quickly, adjusting my face to “everything is fine my dear, let’s just take care of this and move along with the day.”  Was I able to keep that face intact?    Would you be able to, after seeing your child’s “splinter?”

huge splinter

Apparently a tree became lodged in her big toe shortly after I left.  For twenty minutes, my son attempted to convince my daughter in to letting him pull it out.  No dice.  It was now MY turn.

“Honey, let me get the tweezers and pull it out really fast.”


“I will do it carefully, and if you say stop I will stop immediately.”

Much coaxing later, I had the tweezers in hand and attempted a sharp pull.

“STOP!”  … tears.

Indeed, the huge splinter did not even budge.  It was NOT COMING OUT.

This was one of those moments when I had to sit and think.  What would stop her from feeling pain?  Ice?  Already done.  Do we have a numbing spray?  Nope.  Hot water?  YES!

Soon, her foot was soaking in a bath of hot water.  Things loosened a bit, but still no dice.

I realized we just might be driving 60 minutes down the road to the emergency room if I didn’t find a way to get this thing out.  It wouldn’t move.  It was huge.  And it had been in her foot for 45 minutes.

Digging through my first aid kit, I found what I knew was the only answer.  A surgical blade.  A needle didn’t touch this thing.  Now, it was time for a blade.

Looking innocently at my daughter, I hesitantly revealed my plan.

“If you just cut the little bit of skin laying directly over the top of the splinter….”

It was with great relief that she not only said it was worth a try, but that I was not allowed to do it.  “I am going to do it myself!”  Well that sure saved ME from vomiting and passing out!  PHEW!

“Are you sure honey?”

(whimper) “Yes… I’ll try…”

For fifteen more minutes, my daughter worked on her foot.  Her friend and I played music, sang and did everything we could to keep her calm and focused.

And then it happened.


In my head, I collapsed at that very moment.  But in real life, I went over and held her, hugged her, kissed her and told her she was the bravest person I have ever met.

The child is eleven and CUT A HUGE PIECE OF WOOD OUT OF HER OWN FOOT.  Yup.  That’s my girl.  She is tough.  I pray she continues to be that brave throughout her long and happy life.

Her toe is healing nicely.  It has been soaked and neosporined to death and is feeling better each day.

So how do you remove a splinter?  With hot water, a surgical blade and true eleven-year-old grit.

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  • Ron

    *clapping loudly*

    BRAVA to your daughter!!! And tell her she should become a paramedic or a nurse in E.R. because she’s perfect for the job!

    Holy cow…that splinter was HUGE!!!!! It looked like a two by four, and was DEEP!

    Well, I gotta bookmark this post just in case this happens to me this summer.

    And isn’t something how we bloggers always have our camera ready to take a photo? Great photo, Katherine, because you can really get a sense for how big and deep that splinter was.

    Have a great week, dear friend!


    • You know, I had not thought about that Ron… she may have a career!  She is really nurturing… gosh if she can handle a surgical blade on skin, there you go! 

  • Good on her for getting it out. That was a big one. Most girls her age would have dissolved into tears immediately. I am impressed!

    • It was actually almost in a panic after I tried to pull it out with tweezers. It was barbed in a few places… I was SO PROUD OF HER.

  • Good thing you didn’t have to resort to the chain saw.  Heh, heh.

    Seriously, your daughter is very brave and I hope she grows out of her clumsiness because she doesn’t want to end up like me.  😉

    • That actually made me chuckle because my brother as an adult was using a chainsaw and guess who CUT is foot with a chainsaw!

  • OMG! That sucker was gigantic! She was, indeed, a brave trooper (not to mention truly being the daughter of a blogger – she held off surgery to let you take a picture of it!!)

    • Nicky, I gotta admit something to you.  I took the picture so we could send it to a nurse friend of mine.  After I took it she said, “Mom, DON’T BLOG ABOUT THIS!”  Ummm thank heaven’s she does not look at my blog.    And regarding your first sentence… “that’s what she said!”

  • HOLY SHITBALLS. I’ve never seen a splinter like that. You’re daughter is one BRAVE soul!

    • She can be a drama queen at times, but I guess all girls can.  So when she actually started to cut it out… I was STUNNED and so proud. Oh my gosh and SO HAPPY I didn’t have to do it because Meleah, I swear I would have passed out!

  • Mel

    Ohhh….the poor thing.
    And poor you–getting to endure one after another after another after another.

    I thought troubles were suppose to come in threes!

    Well done  for the 11 year old.
    And *whew*.  LOL

    • Mel, I am a bit nervous… today she threw up in the cafeteria!  AHHHH!  So let’s see. Flu, Concussion, Broken Toe, Wrenched Finger, Tree Toe and Cafeteria Barf.  Oh that’s six!  SHE IS DONE!

  • I don’t do splinters.  I make my husband do them.  I just can’t stand anything that hurts the girls, even if it is supposed to be good.

  • Wow that looks painful.  She was brave just to endure the attempts to remove it, and to top it off, removed it herself.  I had a painful splinter that went down under my thumbnail.  I got it from an old rough wooden door.  I was about her age.  I do not remember how it was removed.  Give her a great big atta girl.  

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