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How to Make Snow
Published on Saturday, January 10, 2009 by

Why have so many of us adults forgotten to believe?  Last night, my soon to be eight year old told me how to make it snow.  Yes, she learned in school how to make it snow.  And she believed. 

That is the beauty of children.  Their innocence, paired with their ability to be open to new ideas and concepts.  Somehow the word got out yesterday that there is a way to make it snow – even here, in a place where the ocean’s water keeps the air just a bit too warm for that wonderful white stuff. 

Because I want to open your mind to new things, I will share this amazing technique.  First, you put on a pair of pajamas… but they have to be INSIDEOUT.  Then, you get a spoon and put it under your pillow.  Finally, the pièce de résistance.  You put an ice cube in the toilet. 

Last night, my daughter and I slept peacefully in our inside out pajamas with spoons under our pillows.  And after turning out all the lights last night, while all my little ones slept soundly in their beds, I put an ice cube in the toilet.  And I believed. 

Today, there is no snow on the ground.  But the day is just beginning.  Together, today, my daughter and I are sharing a belief.  And it is my wish that you find something today too – something magical or out of the ordinary that you can believe in.

Is that a snowflake?

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