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How To Make A Taco
Published on Saturday, February 18, 2012 by

Taco night happens often in our house.  We have a ground beef pan and a healthy ground chicken pan, along with a counter full of fixings.

But of all the times we’ve enjoyed them together, I had never seen the “style” in which my middle son makes his taco creations.

Walking in to the kitchen and seeing this taco-making feat sent me in to a fit of laughter.  It gives me a new idea for the show Shark Tank:  Velcro Tacos – for those who need a little extra help preparing their taco dinners.

Knowing my son’s personality, it makes sense.  And I guess the way he holds his taco shells as he fills the other side makes sense too.  Either that, or the boy is an idiot like his mother.  Oh wait…. That’s me I’m talking about.

velcro tacos

I think it is a sin to break your taco shells.  Apparently some people do that on purpose.   Not that I can eat this, but I think tacos taste best with beans, ground beef or shredded seasoned meat, lettuce, cheese, spicy salsa guacamole and sour cream.  All in that order.  How do you like your tacos?  And is it important for the layers to be in a particular order?  Crunchy or soft?  Discuss!

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