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How to Make a Money Potion
Published on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 by

wealth potion recipe

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble!  That was me with my witchy friend last night, brewing up some money potion.  Alright, so we didn’t really say Bubble Bubble, but I did have to repeat a poem three times.  COOL.

Many years ago I met this amazing woman who would frustrate even the strongest of missionaries.  You can feel the heat off of her hands, she talks about chakras and she tells you to pretend your feet are roots.

For this Catholic girl, she was quite a puzzle.

But Miss J doesn’t believe in the devil, she doesn’t practice black magic and I honestly don’t believe she flies on a broom.  I’d be jealous if she did.

She has also read the Bible cover to cover.  I can’t even say that for myself.

Years ago Miss J knew how desperate I was to get my bills paid.  And so she had me come over for a money ritual.  “Money ritual?  I can’t… I’m Catholic!”  “Katherine, the Catholic religion is simply drowning in rituals.”  Got me there.

Yes, we lit some candles.  But it actually involved me praying to whomever I wanted to (God, of course!) for “just enough money to get my bills paid. No more, no less.”  The very next day I got an unexpected $250 check in the mail.  This was the exact amount I needed.  Wow.

Wayne Dyer would say I had connected to my source to make it happen.  Others might say I prayed and God listened.  No matter what you believe, that check was a gift like no other.

A few weeks ago my friend found me on my roof.  “What are you doing up there?!”  “Hiding from the bills!”  After all, those suckers can sniff you out like white on rice.  “Get down here now and let’s talk money potion.”  “Ohhh… alright.”

It took me a few weeks to get all the ingredients.  Three green candles.  Green paper.  A wooden bowl.  A coin with my birth year on it.  Did you know that at my age, reading the date on a penny is completely futile?  But I digress.

Last night I walked down to Miss J’s with my bag of potion goodies.  She placed the bowl in front of me and we began.  First I wrote my name on a piece of green paper with a green marker and placed one of the green candles on it.

I lit the three green candles in clockwise order that were surrounding my wooden bowl.  For the rest of the money potion recipe, you pour two cups of rain water collected from a thunderstorm in to your bowl.  Add 1 teaspoon of nutmeg, 2 cups of lime juice, 10 long blades of grass from your yard and 5 pieces of clover from your yard.  Add a coin from your birth year.

Stir clockwise with a wooden spoon for 45 seconds.  Reach in and take out your coin.  Place the coin on your green paper.  Now, stir clockwise while reciting a wealth poem three times:

“Fortune and flame adhere to my flame for on this paper you will see the name.  The name that will assume this new found wealth along with abundant power and health.”

Blow the candles out in the opposite direction you lit them in and voila! Your money potion is done.

My friend is such a witch.

When we were done there was complete silence.

“So what do I do with the potion?”

“I don’t know.”

crickets chirping



“Do I drink it?”

“You could…”

“How clean was that water from the thunderstorm?”

“… well, you could bring it home and think about what you want to do with it.”

“Yes, I could do that.”

“What if I put my debit card in it?”

“Not sure what the lime juice would do to the magnetic strip…”

“Oh yea.”

“I could buy a lottery ticket and sprinkle some on it!”


“And I could sprinkle some around the house!”

“I guess you could do that…”

So now I have a bowl of money potion sitting on my dresser.  What do you think I should do with it?

If you could make a potion that you knew would work, what would it be for?

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  • Sorry, I would answer your question but I've just dumped my kids' piggy bank all over the floor and am now looking for a coin with my birthdate on it. My snarky son just asked if they really had coins back then. Yeah, he'll be sorry when I'm filthy rich and he's cut out of the will! Now to let my man know he shouldn't mow the lawn (yeah, like he was really going to in this heat!). Could you please email me that wealth poem….?

  • I'm with Nicky, too busy looking for my reading glasses so I can read the dates on the damn coins. What kind of coin? I just raided my piggy bank last week so I only have pennies, dimes and nickles left. You could think of me when you carry the water around or do whatever it is you decide to do with it. I hope it works, really because I will so be out doing this. We have had nothing but thunderstorms lately. I must find out what real clover looks like.

  • I've done the money dance, but never made a money potion. I also did rain dances and sometimes they work. Actually, I've also done a sex dance or two in my life as well. Potions, huh? I like witchcraft and I'm a (lapsed) Catholic. I don't do any devil stuff, but then I don't think there is a devil anyway.

    • OK, you HAVE to give a bit more information on a sex dance??? 😉

      • Oh Katherine, the sex dance come naturally to all of us. Come on!

        • I had to laugh… I was thinking more in terms of a rain dance. You dance and you get rain. So I'm thinking you dance in order to score…? I REALLY wanted some details on that LOL!!!!!

  • While locating a coin with my birth year on it would be difficult enough, what's even rarer is a Thunderstorm in there here parts. I wonder if I could order that online.

    • Wouldn't it be great if we could order MONEY online? For free???? 🙂

      • Mmmmmm….money.

      • Yes please!

      • Silvergirl

        I wish I can order for free too 🙂

        • Ha ha! But the problem would be you have to use your name and birth date during the process…. so I would be sending out potion with my name attached somehow… hmmm….. maybe if I sold it that would technically be right? Ha ha!

          Well so far I have not won the lottery… so I certainly can't say it works… yet. 😉

  • That's awesome. But, I'd be to scared to drink it. Seriously… rain waters not all its cracked up to be.

  • JoyACookin

    If all we had to do was made potions for the things we want, we'd never take necessary actions to make our dreams a reality. There's a reason why God isn't a genie.

    Interesting that you felt the need to do something with the potion after the ritual. Why not sell it? Set up a 21st Century lemonade stand, as it were. Think up a catchy name, like Commotion Potion, you know? The Potion to set your Financial Life in Motion. Hit the right price point and it could be the next big thing.

    The local news would report your novelty, your face would be all over YouTube and people the world over would throw money at you for your amazing potion. You'd get licensing deals with a skin care company and introduce Commotion Potion Lotion. Other religions, would clamor for a piece of the pie and you'd baptize the Devotion Commotion Potion Lotion as well as the Kosher Commotion Potion Lotion .

    The paparazzi would invade your beloved Corolla beach, scaring away any chance at further sharing nature’s beauty with your daughter. The only swimming you’d be doing is in your new-found piles of dough, bringing a whole other set of things you’d wish for. Like peace and quiet and dancing dolphins. So be careful what you wish for. Just sayin’.

    • Wise words indeed! Actually I was just playing, kind of going back to childhood making mud pies in the back yard. I always loved mixing and stirring. Maybe I need to start making a perfume line or something where I can mix! 🙂 Not to worry, God has provided me with wonderful kids, an amazing mother (and father who I miss so much) and everything I need to survive. He's the one for me!

  • Sprinkle it all over your house! And I am TOTALLY making a money potion this week!

    • I did a bit, then I splashed it on the stairs and poured it in a money sign in the dirt just in front of my door. Maybe a money tree will grow!

  • You need to save it for next time. Waste not, want not you know.

  • I desperately need some of that..

  • linkslondon

    Iput the peom in the post

  • Thanks for sharing I like it ..I have to say that is so good.

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