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Shoot Me NowWanna Know What Skate Guts Look Like?

Wanna Know What Skate Guts Look Like?
Published on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 by

I was the type that would never step on an ant.  I still won’t.  I rescue any critter that flies or crawls in to my house, and attempt to save neighborhood animals I find in need.  As a child, fishing with my parents always led to me whining, “Ohhhhhh… poor fishie!”  And rescue animals?  Let’s just say I can’t count them on two hands, much less four.

So imagine my chagrin at seeing my oldest son not only dream of hunting, but dream of big game hunting.  He is one of those manly men who wants to seek out, kill, clean and cook dinner for the family.  Sigh.  Yes, this is my son.  I want to pet Bambi, and he wants to eat him.

It wasn’t a surprise that after two weeks of surf fishing with not even a bite, my son announced on our last beach house day of the year, “I am going to eat anything that I pull out of the ocean.”  “Anything?!”  My mother and I attempted to call him on that when he reeled in a few mermaid’s purses.  “No, it has to be ALIVE,” he replied.

After a few hours of still no bites, he cast one last time.  I looked towards the heavens and said a prayer.  Please… he has worked so hard.  Let him catch a fish for his lunch.  And then his line jerked.  And jerked again.  And then it nearly snapped as he fought the creature pulling at the other end.

Finally, the battle was won.  Indeed, my son pulled something alive out of the ocean.  Something he was very excited to eat.

can you eat skate

Yes, I said EAT.  He quickly cleaned the skate, killing it instantly.  For those who are interested, I have a picture of the insides of the skate.  I found it fascinating.  Strangely, the insides almost look like sushi.  You can look at the skate guts here if you so choose.

Once the wings were off, we soaked them while he got his batter ready.

skate wings

Skinning and filleting the skate wings were a chore, but he was determined to make it work.  Although I felt sorry for the skate (Ohhhh poor fishie!), I was proud that he caught, cleaned and cooked his prize.  And yes, skate tastes just like scallops!

With all of this in mind, tell me this.  Was it strange that I came home this week to the following in my refrigerator, and did not bat an eye?

deer blood

How many mothers open their refrigerators to find a surprise pool of blood on the top shelf.  It can’t be many, can it?  In case you are wondering, the following came from that particular mess, compliments of my boy:

deer jerky

This also occurred, compliments of my boy.  Find the spots and find the deer blood.  Something I learned after taking this picture?  Deer meat is like crack to Dalmatians. The next time my son cuts up deer meat, there WILL be video.

dalmatian hair

My son the deer jerky maker, four points.  Bambi, zero.  Poor Bambi.  I don’t remember raising this child in the deep woods.  How in the world does this happen?!

mom blog

  • Ron

    “I was the type that would never step on an ant.  I still won’t.  ”

    I feel the SAME way, Katherine. I hate killing anything….even an ant or bee. Although, I have killed a few water bugs in my life while living if Florida because they FREAK ME OUT!!!

    “How many mothers open their refrigerators to find a surprise pool of blood on the top shelf. ”

    OMG…I would have SHRIEKED!!!!

  • You want to pet Bambi, he wants to eat him! LOL Poor you! I used to tell my friend’s husband that I was going to show their son the Bambi movie and tell him that Daddy was the mean hunter who killed Bambi’s mommy. 🙂

  • Ants are dead around here.  I’m a carnivore and I know where chickens, steer, hogs and other assorted critters come from.  We butchered our own stock for meat as a kid.  Spiders are dead.  If they stay outside I’m okay, but when they come in the house?  Dead.

    I got a kick out of this post.  Truly.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  • Mel


    POOR FISHIE!!!!!!

    Yes……I’m one of ‘those’…..

    He killed Bambie and then stuck his bits in the fridge?!OMG

    That’s right up there with the day I opened the freezer to see a dead skunk staring back at me–  I’m thinkin’ ‘no explanation required’ as to why I’m no longer married to that one.  LOL

  • The blood in the fridge would have freaked me out.  I think it is good if he hunts for dinner as long as you don’t have to do any of the prep.  I don’t think I could skin or fillet an animal.

  • The blood in the fridge would have sent me OVER THE EDGE. GAH!!!!

  • I want to pet Bambi too! I do like to fish, but have never eaten anything I’ve caught.  Mostly I don’t catch eating size fish or ones that are good to eat, so I just toss them back. 

  • Interesting. Skate innards are so colourful. But I think they look like Playdoh. Nature’s weird!

  • Mundo virtual

    I am also very near to anmals. I’m not vegetarian, put I preffer not to eat meat. I used to go to my aunt’s ranch when I was young and see how they killed pigs or sheeps to eat them after that. I can’t forget that image in my mind. 

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