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Shoot Me NowHow Do You Burble A Pea?

How Do You Burble A Pea?
Published on Thursday, November 22, 2007 by

Turkey and Peas

Happy Embarrassing Thanksgiving!  Today at the Thanksgiving dinner table, I remembered my father teaching us to “burble peas” when we were children.  I mentioned it, and was questioned about it by one of our guests.  “How do you do that?”  So in front of everyone (all eating, by the way!) I said, “Well, first you take a pea…”  TOTAL SILENCE. 

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  • Kathleen

    Today we buried my father. Among the many funny memories we shared was being taught to burble peas as children. My father was the best pea burbler…if thats a word. Thought I would google the word; there are only two hits, so it is a rather esoteric practice!! Thanks for bothering to post your pea burbling blog…

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