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Houseboats and Espressos
Published on Thursday, January 8, 2015 by

Today’s Lil Hoo Ha writing challenge subject is “Travel.”

When I was young, we traveled. From houseboats on Lake Trinity to camping in Canada, sunning in St. Croix and eating ice cream through Italy. I was fortunate that my parents saved and invested, choosing family adventures over expensive cars and extravagant homes.

old lake trinity picture

It makes my heart heavy that I have not been able to give my children the same. None of them have been out of the country, and only one has been on a plane over the age of five.

But I have a dream. And if this dream comes to fruition we are going to travel.

In Germany, my oldest and I will make a toast before experiencing our first true German beer. He and I will also share our first sushi meal in Japan, along with my mother and daughter. My middle son will be across the street at the Japanese McDonald’s. After dinner my daughter and I will purchase every anime and Totoro item we can find.

In Italy, my daughter and I will go to Pompeii. All of us will eat our way through ice cream, pizza and pasta while the older ones add red wine and espressos. And then I will take my daughter to St. Peter’s so we can climb to the top like my father and I did so many years ago.

Italy Family Vacation

My brother, father and yours truly in Italy.

On our way back we will stop on a tropical island to snorkel, eat conch and enjoy pina coladas, both regular and virgin.

If you could travel overseas to two places, where would they be and what would you want to experience there?

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  • Ron

    Katherine, both of the places you mentioned here are places I also want to visit – Germany and Italy!

    I think it’s so awesome that your parents exposed you to traveling because to me, traveling is so educational and is an experience that stays with you for your whole life!

    LOVE the photo of you and your family in Italy. Bellissima!


    • The more I look at that picture of my brother and Dad and me, the more I want to know what we are glancing at!

  • Katherine, I love your dreams. I dream about returning to Germany for the delicious food and beer. To go to Italy for food and wine, to Spain and France for the same. In other words, eat and drink my way through Europe!

    • YES!!!!! Can you imagine getting all those foods you see on TV but that aren’t available here?! The CHEESE in France! The beer and food in Germany… it would be amazing!

  • I love your dreams too. Way cool. If I could travel anywhere it would be to see America. I want to see America before going overseas. I really have no desire at my age to travel overseas.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    • I honestly would love to get a motor home when I retire and just DRIVE. Aim it in the direction of the furthest coast and find gems along the way!

  • Paul Myers

    I have never left the United States. In fact, all three of my children have been to places, I’ve never been. My daughter has been to Europe, my son also and my third son has been to Hawaii. One of these days for all of the above.

    Now, two places overseas, I’d like to visit. New Zealand looks like a wonderful place to visit. Just looks so green and I’m pretty sure I’d like to visit Iceland as well.

    • My Uncle was an Admiral and was stationed in Iceland. The pictures they sent to us were beautiful!

  • Heather Ras

    I dream of traveling to South America, medjugorje, lourdes, New zealand and Australia. I would also love to go back to Scotland and visit my distant cousins there. One day!

    • I actually had to look up medjugorje. It sounds like such an amazing place to see!

      • Heather Ras

        It is, I think my sister is saving to go there with her boys.

  • My kids don’t have the same desire to travel as I do. Love the retro images, I posted one from 1956.

  • That truly sounds like an awesome plan for travel. As for two places… Alaska has always been a top one for me, as has Iceland. 🙂

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