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Hookworms – The Other White Meat
Published on Friday, April 30, 2010 by

hookwormsImagine putting a bandage on your skin that contains several hookworms.  Shortly after, the itching begins as they start to burrow in to your skin.  From there they move through capillaries, eventually settling in to your lungs.  Then the violent cough starts as they move in to your throat and you swallow them.  Finally, they settle in to your intestines, happily drinking blood from their new host.  That would be you.

Would you do this?

I would.  If it really got down to it, I would.  And let me tell you why.

Years ago a gentleman who suffered many hospitalizations a year due to his life-threatening asthma learned about the hookworm and it’s potential in treating asthma and allergies.  His research led him to Africa, where he purposely walked barefoot over feces-infected soil in order to infect himself with hookworms.  The result?  No more hospitalizations.  No more allergy medications.  No more steroids.  All thanks to a little parasite that lives in his intestines.

Still with me?

The science behind this is fairly simple.  We are the host to the hookworm and provide this little guy with blood for food.  In turn, the hookworm causes our histamines to slow, shutting down allergic reactions and asthmatic symptoms.

We live in a sterile society.  Too sterile.  Some bacteria and parasites are good for us.  But we have tried to remove them through antibacterial soaps, hand cleaners and overzealous bathroom sanitizers.  In the meantime, we are getting sicker.  Many say there is a connection.

There is now scientific evidence proving that infecting yourself with hookworms can put your asthma and allergies in to remission.  And even more amazing?  Colitis, IBD, Crohn’s and Multiple Sclerosis have been recorded as going in to remission with the introduction of hookworms.  Personally, I would like to see a study regarding Lyme Disease and hook worms.  Perhaps some day.

Of course there is one tiny little drawback to having hookworms in your intestines.  If they take too much blood you can develop anemia.  But this does not happen overnight, so it can be monitored by a physician.  And if you indeed become anemic, the hookworms can be removed from your system within two days with an inexpensive and common medication.

Now, remember I have bad enough allergies that I get four shots a week.  And I’m on antibiotics many times during the year for my sinus infections.  Furthermore, I have gastroparesis.  That involves the digestive system.  See the light bulb above my head?  Digestive disorder… hook worms… yup, you got the point!

Am I bad enough now that I would want hookworms?  Uhhhh… nooooooo!  But many gastroparesis sufferers are on feeding tubes and near death.  And there are also asthma sufferers who have been near death themselves due to asthma attacks.  So I’ll tell you right now – if I got to the point where I thought I was going to die, I would say, “bring ‘em on!”  And if I suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, as a mother of three, you BET I would try me some worms.

Did I mention you can get rid of them with medication?  JUST IN CASE YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND?

Now it’s your turn.  You have MS.  You can’t walk anymore.  You have children you have to take care of.  Or suppose you can’t leave the house anymore for fear of being away from a bathroom.  Or you are constantly in pain due to Crohn’s disease.  Or you had an asthma attack and almost didn’t get to your epipen on time.  Would you try hookworms?  Just how bad would you have to be in order to try them?

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