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The ONE Meal I NEVER Ruin!
Published on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by

Today I decided to go with the suggested topic for NaBloPoMo’s day 14.

Tell us about the best meal you ever cooked.”

chocolate chili

So this is the deal.  Before kids, I would spend hours preparing one meal.  I love cooking.  It’s therapeutic, don’t you think?

And then came the kids.  And out went the fancy food.  There is just no time.

However, once in a blue moon I find myself some time and make something fantastic.  I mean FANTASTIC.  The problem is?  My mother is never there the night I prepare it.  For one reason or another, she misses it.

So what do I do?  I recreate it the next night she is at my house.  You see this coming, correct?  The time I make it for my mother, it is a total fail.  It happens EVERY-SINGLE-TIME.  I go on and on about this amazing thing I made and about how I will make it for her.  But does it turn out the second time?  NOOOOOOOOO!

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have said to her, “But it was SO GOOD before!  HONEST!”

There is ONE thing I haven’t failed yet.  It is THE favorite meal of the family.  My amazing chocolate beer coffee chili I got from Allrecipes.  You will never taste a better chili.  My homemade Italian bread is always on the side.  I just wing that.  And I wing bread GOOD.

Do you make something special that everyone simply LOVES?

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  • Ron

    “My amazing chocolate beer coffee chili I got from Allrecipes. You will never taste a better chili. My homemade Italian bread is always on the side”

    OMG…that sounds DELISH!

    I so wish I was a better cook. Actually, I wish I ENJOYED cooking more. I should be ashamed of myself being Italian and not having a passion for cooking. I’m one of those people who LOVES to eat, but eat other people’s food – HA!


    • HA HA HA I’m sure there were plenty of Italian moms around that wanted to feed you! If not, I would love to feed you… BUT… I never make the same meal twice so I would probably TOTALLY mess it up. It’s OK… you can tell me if it’s awful.. honest! We can toss it in the trash and do takeout!

  • Mel

    Ummmmm…….. :-/

    Cocoa and beer do NOT belong in chili.
    JUST sayin’…….

    And I bake like you would NOT believe.
    Cooking, however……..notsomuch.

    I’m sure your mom loved your failed dinners. LOL (bless her heart…….)

    • Mel… I would LOVE to know what chili is to you. I bet you are hiding an amazing recipe…. care to share? My mom always made “chili con carne.” That’s a good one too. Does yours have ground beef? Steak? Pork?
      Oh oh and what do you bake!

      • MikeWJ

        My favorite chili recipe,mwhich I created, also uses chocolate. The sweet adds depth, and the sweet cuts the acidity of the tomato sauce. I’d like to try your dish, Katherine.

  • Oh I can NEVER recreate the same meal twice. And it’s a MIRACLE if I make anything edible.

    • Some of the things you have posted that you cooked look AMAZING!!!

      • Aw. Yay.

        And sometimes they are.
        But then I can never make them the same way again!

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