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Hold On!
Published on Saturday, February 2, 2013 by

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My car had major problems this month.  $580.  Driving out of the garage, I realized it has yet another problem.  The burning smell is still there.  Hold on.

My house is falling apart, from the shingles to the floors.  Hold on.

I have no dishwasher, my washing machine doesn’t get the clothes clean and my refrigerator pools water under the only three functioning shelves in the unit.  Hold on.

My thyroid is so wacked that I am depressed, exhausted and I retain so much water that you can see my sock marks three hours after I’ve taken them off.  Hold on.

Sadly, I now know what the phrase, “Chronic Pain” means.  Hold on.

And Tuesday I will have a huge needle sticking out of my back while steroids are injected in to my spine.  Hold on.

But wait.

My kids are healthy.  My kids are happy.  My kids make me laugh.  A LOT.  And my kids still live in my silly little falling apart house.  I am not ready for them to be grown and on their own.  These times are the best times and will not last forever.  Hold on to these moments, Katherine.  HOLD ON.

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