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In the last month or so, I have spent weeks on intensive cheapest authentic viagra, had guests stay at my house, lost my trusty van, rode the light rail to work, finally got my van back, was dissed by extended “family”, spent countless hours helping with end of the year school projects, planned for and went to three huge graduation events,  visited with out of town GOOD family, said hello and then goodbye to my amazing former neighbor Heather and her husband, cried, laughed, cried some more and collapsed multiple times in complete exhaustion due to lack of sleep, food and down canadian pharmacy for viagra. And I drank some vodka. Who needs food when you have Tito’s vodka.

In my mind, today is my first official day of summer. Yes, I’m back to work. But there are currently no children in school, no people staying in my house and I have my trusty mom-van back to carry me hither, thither and yon. (I had to look that up. Hither, thither and yon.  And then I tried to say it three times fast.  Try it.  I’m serious. It is IMPOSSIBLE!)

Now, I can go to the gym again. I can get to work earlier and get home earlier. I can finally dig in to writing my book, I can blog again, I can visit blogs again and I can….. breathe.

Won’t you breathe with me? Because today, my friends, is a VERY GOOD DAY.

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  • Indigo Roth

    *deep breath*

    I’m with ya x

  • Ron

    ” Hither, thither and yon. And then I tried to say it three times fast. Try it.”

    HAHAHAHAHA! I just did and got all tongue-tied! It’s the same with saying “Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.”

    WOW…you had one busy month, Katherine! Yup, I bet it does feel great to have things back to normal.

    *taking a deep breath with you*

    Glad you’re blogging again because I missed ya!

    Have a great week, my friend!

    • Katherine Murray

      You know how you and I tend to blog about similar things at similar times? If your next post is about naked bottoms or talcum powder, I’m gonna DIE! HA HA!