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Published on Thursday, December 11, 2008 by


Yesterday I went to Curves and plunked my gym bag down on the bathroom floor – ready to change into my workout clothes.  As I was closing the door I heard a strange hissing sound.  Hisssssssssssssssss….!  Hmmm, what is THAT sound?   I stood for a second, trying to pinpoint the unusual sound.  Hisssssssssss…!!!


And then it hit me.  My young son had given me a Pepsi for my birthday – something he rarely gets.  This makes his gift absolutely golden.  I hadn’t opened it because – well, Curves!  I’m trying to stay fit!  (OK, and I’m a Coke girl myself…)  I figured he may have a down day in which a presentation of Pepsi would cheer him up.


Hissssssssssss!  Oh, back to the story!  You have probably guessed by now.  The Pepsi had sprung two leaks in the middle of the can.  That hissing was Pepsi completely saturating everything in my bag, including my workout clothes.


But I was determined to work out, despite my sugary, soaking clothes.  However, I had to take everything out and wash it down.  By now I’m sure everyone suspected I was having “difficulties” in the restroom. 


Seemingly endless minutes later, I emerged from the bathroom, with clothes on that were saturated in various places.  And of course, you know my luck.  The Pepsi stains were smack dab in the middle of my chest and… yes, the crotch.


In order to explain my new and quite obvious wetness, I had to announce my troubles to the gym – to a group of sympathetic women who (yes, I could tell!) diverted their eyes as I made my workout rounds.  I had to plop my hoodie down on each piece of equipment to keep from depositing my butt soaked Pepsi stickiness, looking even worse as new folks came in.


But I made it through my workout and was soon back in the no longer hissing bathroom.  And how did I top off the entire workout?  I sprayed hairspray under my arms.  That was NOT the deodorant can!

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