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Here’s To The Sprinklers
Published on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 by

running through sprinklersThe weekend has turned over and the routine is back.  The incredibly HARD weekend, that is.   Although everyone is running through their regular paces, things are still a bit sad… a bit somber…. just not NORMAL yet.

Yesterday I picked up my daughter from the after school care program.  The sprinklers were on in the playground field.  Elizabeth asked if she could run in the sprinkler.  Mind you, she is in her school uniform and it is chilly AND we have a car trip ahead of us.  My reply?  “Crazy if you DON’T!”

It didn’t take her but a second to throw her backpack down and fly through the ice cold spray.  I watched for a moment.  Smiled.  Then I put my purse down and flew willy nilly into the sprinkler as well.  For a few minutes, there were no financial worries, no dead pets and no sadness.  It was just me and my daughter running through the sprinkler on the playground.  With her in her uniform and me in my work clothes, I bet we turned a few heads.

On the way home my daughter said, “Mom?  You are the only mother I know who would let her daughter run through the school sprinkler.”  I said, “Annnnnddd….?”  “Oh!  And you are the only Mom who would run through the sprinkler too!”

Life has an ebb and flow, doesn’t it?  We suffer and we recover.  We cry, and then we run through sprinklers.  Here’s to the sprinklers.

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