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Shoot Me NowHow did it get from Here to Here?

How did it get from Here to Here?
Published on Saturday, November 10, 2012 by

Weekend Nablopomo – Woot!

Sometimes I will realize that something completely normal to me might actually look a little strange to someone else.  For instance, last week I was at my desk when my eyes happened upon my open purse.  To me, nothing looked out of the ordinary.  But then I thought… “What would someone say if they walked by and saw that?”

And so I give you in photos, “How did it get from Here to Here?”


Barbie Dogs Ate

This is the AFTER shot. Nothing out of the ordinary for me!


dogs and toys

Before Picture, Part One


barbie eaten

Before Picture, Part Two


chewing barbie

Before Picture, Part Three

See! It’s all easily explained!

mom blog

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