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Shoot Me NowHow did it get from Here to Here?

How did it get from Here to Here?
Published on Saturday, November 10, 2012 by

Weekend Nablopomo – Woot!

Sometimes I will realize that something completely normal to me might actually look a little strange to someone else.  For instance, last week I was at my desk when my eyes happened upon my open purse.  To me, nothing looked out of the ordinary.  But then I thought… “What would someone say if they walked by and saw that?”

And so I give you in photos, “How did it get from Here to Here?”


Barbie Dogs Ate

This is the AFTER shot. Nothing out of the ordinary for me!


dogs and toys

Before Picture, Part One


barbie eaten

Before Picture, Part Two


chewing barbie

Before Picture, Part Three

See! It’s all easily explained!

mom blog

  • Ron


    Katherine, you CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I love (in the first photo) that Barbie has underwear on! I had no idea the dolls came that way!

    Have a fab weekend, my friend…..X

    • Yea Ron, what’s with that!?!? Back in MY day, Barbie and Ken were NAKED, just as nature intended them to be. Well, Ken had this really weird pouch thing. Anyway, no underwear in the olden days!

  • AHhaHAhHA! OMG! Too freaking funny!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Oh, no. I hope that’s not what I think it is. Please tell me it’s not fake Barbie. Please. Or if it is, that her Q is still intact. Please.

    Also, why are you carrying her around in your purse?
    Furthermore, your purse is really full.
    In addition, you have a lot of those little card thingys on your keychain.
    And one more thing: I think you should do an entire post about the contents of your purse. With a photo showing everything spread out on a table. But you can’t leave anything out. You have to show us everything.

    • That is actually a GREAT idea. I had a video a few years ago I posted of VERY embarrassing things in my car.

  • I would think “Thank God I’m not the only person with a naked Barbie in my purse.” LOL I often have unusual items in my purse.

  • Mel

    Oh. 🙁 Poooooor Barbie.

    They have underwear on Barbies?!
    When did that happen!?
    NOT that I’m complaining, mind you.

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