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Shoot Me NowHere Comes Peter Cottontail…. Grilled?

Here Comes Peter Cottontail…. Grilled?
Published on Sunday, July 11, 2010 by

Let’s get something straight before I begin.

This is my rescue rabbit Sunshine.

rescue rabbit

This is NOT my rescue rabbit Sunshine.

cooking rabbit


Rescue Rabbit

rescuing a rabbit

Dead Rabbit.


Last week my son came to me with his head hanging down, feet shuffling.

“Umm, Mom?”

“Yes, honey…?”

“Uhh, I have a question.”


“Can we um…” <shuffle feet> “That is, can Jack and I…” <shuffle feet> “Uhhh…. Can we use the grill when you are done to cook some rabbit?”


Apparently a friend’s father gave Jack some rabbit for his culinary enjoyment.  And what could be better than grilled rabbit, right?  <shudder>  “Honey, I just finished feeding my rescue rabbit.  You want to cook REAL rabbit at OUR house?”  He answered with a cute puppy dog look accompanied by a child-like excited nod of the head.

Alright.  The rabbit was already dead.  It was either going to be eaten or it would go to waste.  What a tragedy for an animal to lose its life only to be thrown away, right?  I glanced at the chicken on my grill and saw the potential for great hypocrisy on my part.

An hour later the boys were sitting in a circle around the grill with great anticipation in their eyes.  They carefully watched poor Thumper cook over the perfectly heated coals.  Perhaps I should not have named it.

“Want to try some, Mrs. Murray?!”  I leaned over and hesitantly sniffed.  It actually smelled kind of nasty.  “Ummm… well I guess I might try a tiny taste.”   At least that is what I remember saying.   It’s hard to think when your brain is spinning with ideas of how to get out of something without looking like you aren’t cool.

After a short visit with my neighbor I walked around to the back yard.  The grill was noticeably empty and there wasn’t a teenage boy in sight.  I entered the house to see the last finger being licked.  “Oh Mom!  We were going to save you some but you weren’t here….”  YESSSSS!  Make that, “I would have loved to try some, but that’s OK!”

This animal lover.  This animal rescuer.  This critter caring mother is raising typical healthy teenage boys.

And today?  My other son came home from scout camp with a gift for me!  How thoughtful, right?  I thanked him profusely for buying me such a great gift.  What a wonderful surprise.  Would you like to see it?  Really?

raccoon hat

mom blog

  • sheilasultani

    HA!HA! That reminds me of the time I was staying with my Aunt and Unlce in Mass. We went out and bought a couple live lobsters, brought them home, named them and then played with them on the floor before throwing them in a pot of boiling water. Poor lobsters. My dad used to threaten to cook my sisters rabbit, Blitzen then one day we busted him downstairs petting him (at least I think that's what he was doing) Poor thumper!

    • I would love to know the name of the lobsters!! Rocky? Red? ha ha! I would not be able to kill lobsters on my own, but BOY could I eat one!

      I had to laugh at your dad and the rabbit. I had a moment like that when I caught my son petting Sunshine and talking cute… we both pretended it didn't happen. 🙂

  • Oh this is awful (funny). Poor rabbit! Yeah, I am a hypocrite, but I just want my food packaged from the meat department at the grocery store, not furry and formerly alive. Was Sunshine traumatized from the scent of the cooking rabbit? Oh Lord!

    • Sunshine didn't know anything…. they grilled outside and she was a few rooms away from the kitchen. After that night I was petting my bunny and was able to tell the “parts” under her skin… MAJOR shudder…!!!

  • Sorry, I can't read this. I realize it is not Sunshine but it's just too close. When I was in Italy years ago I visited a friends winery/farm. The woman of the house told us to go out and have a look at the cute bunnies. She then asked which one we liked the best. You can probably see where this is going. We ended up having the best bunny for dinner, though we didn't know it until we were about half way through the meal.

    • Wow Jen, were they playing a JOKE on you??? Did they think it was funny that you were picking out your favorite… and you didn't know why? Who WERE those people!?!?!

      • Some old Italian people. It wasn't a joke but there was a bit of a lost in
        translation thing going on. There might have been a lot of wine too. That
        picture of me with the gun was taken that day.

        • SO SAD and IRONIC… a little wine, a poorly translated question about which pretty bunny you like and BAM! You made sophie's choice!

          • The best comment this week so far! Not many people can work Sophie's Choice
            into a comment.

          • OK now I'm just laughing outloud!

    • Jen, I just gasped and then screamed. =O

      • You know what they say “When in Rome…” Actually it was Florence, but close
        enough. It wasn't bad really, it tasted like chicken.

  • When I went to visit my family in Greece 30 years ago, we went up into the mountains to a slightly remote, spectacular restaurant one evening. During the drive, the car was bouncing up and down and all over the place since the road was unpaved and not especially well maintained. After a particularly nasty bump, my uncle pulled over and eventually opened the trunk – I thought he needed to change the tire. You already know what happened. We had Thumper's Greek cousin for dinner the next evening. Actually, they did. I initially thought it was chicken, but it smelled a little…gamey. Needless to say, I became a vegetarien for the rest of the trip!

    • Oh NO!!! Road Kill Rabbit!!!! Did it taste gamey or just smell gamey? I have a lot of Greeks in my family and although they cook lamb and other meats, they DO have some amazing veggie dishes… so I hope you were able to at least eat dolmades or something like that… oh wait that often has meat. Hummus, anyone?

      • I really don't know what it tasted like! The smell was a dead giveaway that it wasn't chicken, so I asked what it was. That was the end of my dinner!

        • That is AWFUL! I really REALLY didn't want to taste that rabbit. I know people LOVE it… but the smell… like you said… ughhhhhhhhh

  • I am a huge lover of most things meat. [Especially cheeseburgers] But I do NOT think I could EVER eat rabbit! Or Deer!

    • I actually had some cocktail meatballs made out of deer meat that was amazing… but you couldn't taste the deer. I don't like anything gamey. I tried regular cow meat from a farm and didn't even like THAT…. fresh meat… isn't that awful! I guess I am a meat weenie.

  • daisythecurlycat

    Um, I sort of know how you feel. I eat a raw diet and my favorite food is the raw rabbit medallions. But I also have some very cool bunny blog friends.

    • FUNNY! You are probably the EXPERT in eating rabbit, squirrel, voles and birdies, right? 🙂

      • daisythecurlycat

        I never got to eat any squirrels or birdies. Except chicken. Does that count? I ate a lizard before.

  • Don't think I could eat a plate of Bugs Bunny. The floppy ears don't seem like they wold grill too nicely.

    • You know, I never saw the ears…. BUT I DID find a cute little bunny tail last night by the weight bench during my workout. So sad! With chocolate bunnies people often eat the ears first… wonder if the boys ate those raw earlier?

  • It is funny for me to read this since my kids are both very into animals and I can't imagine them eating rabbit. I guess that is just another difference between boys and girls.

    • I agree… my daughter would not buy me a raccoon hat nor would she eat rabbit…. I hadn't thought about that! But the boys??? It comes naturally. Go figure!

  • Your rescue rabbit is so cute! Much cuter than that stringy fleshy mess on the grill.

    I thought for sure your gift from camp would have been a rabbit fur. I guess a coon skin cap was the best he could find at scout camp!

    • Oh wait, I didn't write the whole story. HE BOUGHT A RABBIT SKIN FOR MY DAUGHTER – NO LIE! LOL!!!!

  • OK now I'm just laughing outloud!

  • 🙁 Poor bunny. I do think it's good that they ate it, so it didn't go to waste, but poor bunny. In a completely unrelated story, I accidentally hit a baby bunny on our way to the state park last weekend. It was the first time I EVER hit anything. Squeenager sat in the back seat tear eyed for the rest of the trip, and she kept saying, “I can't believe you hit a tiny little bunny.” Why didn't she just stab me in the heart with an ice pick?

  • I love rabbit, but isn't that one.

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