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Here Comes Peter Cottontail…. Grilled?
Published on Sunday, July 11, 2010 by

Let’s get something straight before I begin.

This is my rescue rabbit Sunshine.

rescue rabbit

This is NOT my rescue rabbit Sunshine.

cooking rabbit


Rescue Rabbit

rescuing a rabbit

Dead Rabbit.


Last week my son came to me with his head hanging down, feet shuffling.

“Umm, Mom?”

“Yes, honey…?”

“Uhh, I have a question.”


“Can we um…” <shuffle feet> “That is, can Jack and I…” <shuffle feet> “Uhhh…. Can we use the grill when you are done to cook some rabbit?”


Apparently a friend’s father gave Jack some rabbit for his culinary enjoyment.  And what could be better than grilled rabbit, right?  <shudder>  “Honey, I just finished feeding my rescue rabbit.  You want to cook REAL rabbit at OUR house?”  He answered with a cute puppy dog look accompanied by a child-like excited nod of the head.

Alright.  The rabbit was already dead.  It was either going to be eaten or it would go to waste.  What a tragedy for an animal to lose its life only to be thrown away, right?  I glanced at the chicken on my grill and saw the potential for great hypocrisy on my part.

An hour later the boys were sitting in a circle around the grill with great anticipation in their eyes.  They carefully watched poor Thumper cook over the perfectly heated coals.  Perhaps I should not have named it.

“Want to try some, Mrs. Murray?!”  I leaned over and hesitantly sniffed.  It actually smelled kind of nasty.  “Ummm… well I guess I might try a tiny taste.”   At least that is what I remember saying.   It’s hard to think when your brain is spinning with ideas of how to get out of something without looking like you aren’t cool.

After a short visit with my neighbor I walked around to the back yard.  The grill was noticeably empty and there wasn’t a teenage boy in sight.  I entered the house to see the last finger being licked.  “Oh Mom!  We were going to save you some but you weren’t here….”  YESSSSS!  Make that, “I would have loved to try some, but that’s OK!”

This animal lover.  This animal rescuer.  This critter caring mother is raising typical healthy teenage boys.

And today?  My other son came home from scout camp with a gift for me!  How thoughtful, right?  I thanked him profusely for buying me such a great gift.  What a wonderful surprise.  Would you like to see it?  Really?

raccoon hat

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