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Henna For Hair FAIL
Published on Sunday, March 4, 2012 by

Henna for hair.  All natural.  Healthy for your hair.  Makes your hair glossy and strong.  Beautiful red highlights.  Turn my previously red hair back to its beautiful color.  Yup, it all sounded so good on paper.

I researched Henna.  I talked to someone who uses it and has a beautiful red head of hair.  I was ready for a change.  And so I did it.

Henna is a green powder you mix with lemon juice, distilled water, tea or coffee.  It is a plant that will naturally condition your hair and give you a beautiful red color.  You mix up the green swampy muck, let it sit, then plaster it on your head and allow it to remain there overnight.

In the morning, you hold your breath, count to three and rinse.

Now, I knew that Henna would turn your hair pretty darn orange for the first day or two.  As someone explained it to me, “you will look like a London redhead for a little while.”  Henna takes five full days to oxidize, slowly toning down and turning in to a luxurious golden red.


Henna Day One:

On the first day, I found my daughter didn’t get all the spots underneath the top layer.  This created a multi-color effect of Orange, Red, Brown and <gray>.  I had to put more in.  OH NO.

First day of henna

Henna Day 2:

I am orange.  I am purple.  I am red.  I am mortified.  Please everyone, wear your sunglasses.

Henna red hair

What you just can’t get from this picture is the deep purple tones in the red of my bangs.  It screams, “I have a bad dye job.’  Either that, or, “Beware.  Goth ahead.”

Henna Day 3:

The picture looks pretty.  Trust me, it is NOT.

third day of henna

Henna Day 7:

By day seven, I cry Uncle.

bad henna dye

Just before I decided to use Henna, I was heard saying, “If it doesn’t turn out, I’ll just dye it.”  It wasn’t until after my fail that I discovered you cannot dye over henna.  Not unless you want a fail worse than you already have.


orange henna


Please, tell me at least one of you have done something stupid to your hair.  PLEASE?!




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  • Ron

    Actually, I love the look of your hair color in these photos, Katherine!

    You really look great as a redhead!

    Yes, having been a stylist for many years, I have learned that henna (even though not permanent) can really change the color of your hair, and is not all that easy to remove. My advice would be to just keep washing your hair at least once a day, and finishing off with a good conditioner. Eventually, it WILL fade.

    Also, don’t apply any heat (like a blow dryer) to you hair because heat causes henna to stick even more.

    LOVED that last photo! CRACKED ME UP!!!!

    Have a great Sunday!

    •  Oh No Ron!  I use my hair dryer AND… ack!  An instyler on my hair!  And you know what…!??!?!!?  The top front of my hair is SO MUCH REDDER.  People have been asking me about that… why is the top so much worse.  And now, after reading this I realize… it is EXACTLY where I use my instyler… the HEAT! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

      Ron, did you ever try and dye over henna on anyone?  I did the test with strands of my hair.. where you soak it in hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to see if the henna was 100 percent pure or not.  The hair didn’t turn green, orange or burn up…. so I “may” be able to dye over it.  I read ash might be good, and the red will show through.  Your thoughts?

      • Ellen

        I know this is so old but I want to do henna in my hair and I was wondering what ever happened to yours?

  • Well we’ve all done stupid stuff to our hair, but henna really takes the cake.  Note to self…no henna.  I didn’t know this.

    I’m letting my hair return to it’s natural color.  At this point I’m seeing a lot of grey.  Oh well, it is what it is.

    Hope you can get this worked out soon.  Perhaps a professional?  That’s where I’d be going.

    Have a terrific day and keep those sunglasses handy.   🙂

    •  You know, my mom tried to dye her hair for a while and we begged her to keep it gray.  It was GORGEOUS.  My gray was poking out of only certain parts of my head… not pretty like my mom’s at all.  Well, the good side is, the gray is certainly all but gone, except for a few strands.  But looking at myself every day in the mirror, I realize how pretty the gray was, compared to orange!

  • Mel

    Ohhhhhhh…..my.  :-/

    Well–at least now you know!

    I have two bad hair experiences.  One when I was an adolescent and decided jet black was the way to go!  Ummmm…..yeah, notsomuch–I’m a redhead and I suddenly appeared anemic and sickly and waiting for that to grow out during that period in my life–notsomuchfun.  At least I was the school’s colours?  *sigh*

    The other–was waking up, pulling a comb through my hair and having it simply……..pull out to stay in the comb.  Yep–lost all the hair during the course of chemo.  Since that experience I’ve never had a ‘bad hair day’.  LOL  Even with it graying, it’s all good!

    • Oh Mel. I started to laugh – the first part was so funny.  And then I read the second and stopped in my tracks.

      You have certainly given me a new and much needed perspective.  Agonizing over stupid hair, when people would give anything to HAVE hair in situations like chemo.  My mother, father and brother have all fought cancer.  I have seen it first hand and understand.  And OH HOW STRONG YOU ARE!  Thank you for sharing, and for making me see just how silly this whole thing is!

  • Oh, my… 

    • Jayne, I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!  Your hair is so gorgeous… I was looking for something like yours!

  • When I was about 17 or 18, I used “Sun In”. You were supposed to spray it on your hair, then go sit in the sun for a while and it would give you “natural looking blond highlights”. NOT! I had the most awful orange hair for MONTHS!!

    I think you should send that pic to the marketing folks over at McDonalds. You are so much cuter than Ronald, bad hair notwithstanding!  🙂

    • HA HA HA!  Oh Nicky, picture will be sent TOMORROW!  🙂

      I used sun in as well.  I remember that stuff!  I would not be surprised if they still made it.  I bet it was probably just hydrogen peroxide.  I don’t think it did a thing to my hair.  However, if I tried it now with my orange/red/gray/brown hair, I bet it would turn it all green.  Perhaps a big improvement!

  • I went to the salon to get blond highlights in brown hair.  It was done in such a way that it looked as if I had gone gray overnight.  Well, maybe not quite that severe, but it definitely didn’t look anything like highlights – blond or otherwise – almost frosted.  Yuk!

    • Oh no Linda!  Did people ask if you had seen a scary movie the night before??!?!!!  It actually probably looked beautiful – I love blonde highlights!

  • Oh honey – I am so sorry I am laughing so much. I’ve had my fair share of hair issues and it can be VERY upsetting. I am proud of you for finding a way to make this hilarious!! 

    • Meleah… I am thinking of dying over it.  STOP me!  Or encourage me!  Or STOP ME!  I don’t know what to do!!!!!  I think if I got a dye similar to what I had before naturally, it would look amazing with red highlights underneath.  BUT… if it was not 100 pure henna I used, then it will shrivel up, as per the world wide web.  AHHHHHHH!  Should I call Courtney and ask her what to do???

      • I wouldn’t take ANY advice from Courtney! Ahahahahhahahahhahahaha

  • I am so sorry about your hair. But yes, I have wronged my hair once – I cut it too short that I looked like Mufasa from Lion King. I never had a hair cut shorter than shoulder length since then. Anyway, maybe you can moisturize your hair for now and wait a little while to get it colored again.:) Good luck.

    • HA HA HA HA!  I laughed outloud when i read that… Mufasa!  Well, better Mufasa then Ronald Mcdonald, in my book!  So funny!

  • Hey, you work the Ronald Macdonald look well at least!

    • Well thank heavens for that – at least my shining hair allows me SOMETHING! HA HA!  Maybe I should go to Mcdonald’s and ask for a free shake… you never know!

  • Oh, the closest I came was having a friend home perm my hair. She left the solution in too long and I looked like Albert Einstein for months; my hair was so fried. 

    •  OH NOOOOO!  I have been SERIOUSLY thinking about coloring over this – it will leave the red underneath but if I did something close to what I had, that might be neat.  HOWEVER… if it was not 100 percent PURE henna I used, my hair will look like, well, Albert Einstein! AHHHH!

  • Gabriela

    uma pena não combina comigo essa cor de cabelo, mas eu acho um estilo bem legal. E esse palhacinho é mais do que famoso. Ronald Mc Donald. risos

    •  Ha ha Gabriela –  I had to translate your comment – I love it – thanks!  For others, this is what she wrote as translated by Google:  a pity not suit me this hair color, but I think a really cool style. And this clown is more than famous. Ronald Mc Donald. laughs

  • I have done more stupid things to my hair than you can imagine (although I blame the stylist for the worst one ever).  Back in the 80s, an evil hairstylist gave me a Rod Stewart haircut.  Now remember, even Rod Stewart didn’t look good in his haircut.  I looked hideous.  I cried for hours.

  • I always use henna and get benefited from it. really makes hair so soft and smooth. 

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    OH NO!!!  Well, I’d be happy with multi-toned effects (including purple) but I do understand that you didn’t get a ‘professional salon multi-toned effect with purple’ – you got the disaster movie version.  Poor you.  🙁

    Do you have to wait for it to grow out?  Can’t you bleach it out? 

    The worst thing I ever did to my hair was to try to go blonde. To say it didn’t suit me was an understatement, and to make it worse, I allowed them to curl it at the same time.  Yikes.  Never. Again.

  • Thank god.. We Indians have deep black hair…

  • Ginger

    Forgive me but I’m lmao.
    And this is why I only dye my hair black 🙂 very safe.

  • Maisie

    Seriously i do another henna treatment, i had the same thing happen to me. Its not the henna thats to blame it the dyes used previously. Doing a second henna for me gave me a stronger more auburn colour, which i now love, seriously this is the only way to correct this. Another henna session will darken but will blend all the mismatched bits up, but only do an hour this time.

  • Aly

    I’d say do it again. But I’ve read that henna comes out with one of those dye remover kits – not bleach, dye remover

    • Aly

      oh, a bit late

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