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Today I Planted Willy Nilly!
Published on Sunday, April 11, 2010 by

Years ago my mother bought me my first Square Foot Gardening book.  I followed the book religiously that year.  Perfect squares, water sitting in a bucket hours before watering… yup, that was pre-children.  The things you can do before you have kids.

Fast forward three children later.  Today my daughter and I went to Kmart for dirt, seeds and plants.  “Oh, that looks good!”  Toss it in!  “I love peas!”  Let’s get ‘em!  “Wow… purple heirloom tomatoes!”  Absolutely!

No tools, mismatched gloves and Miracle Grow dirt meant for trees and shrubs rather than for gardens. Oops!  Throw it all in, mix it up and start planting those tomatoes.  But where should the cucumbers go?  OK, that’s perfect!   Wait, we already put seeds in there.  Oh well, put them in any way!  You get the idea?

So within one hour, we filled two squares with the wrong dirt, seeds, plants and no plan whatsoever.  Crammed together this summer will be at least 6 types of tomatoes, including some with yellow, blue and black coloring.  There will be jalapenos, cucumbers, peas, lima beans, watermelon, squash, herbs, long Asian beans and who knows what else.

Halfway through planting, my oldest son came out and said, “You look like an old lady!”  Thanks, hon.  Now get me some depends before we are overrun with pees. Peas. Whatever.

And the icing on the garden cake?  We took a handful of lettuce seeds and literally tossed them across both squares of dirt.

My vegetable garden is a beautiful representation of my life.  Willy Nilly.  Put something here.  Toss something there.  Sprinkle a bit in between.  Then, stand back and see what takes root and grows.

heirloom tomatoes

tomato garden

Have you planted a garden yet?   What are you planning to grow this year?  Does your garden contain neat and tidy rows?  And if so, does that mirror your life and home?

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  • I’ve never had a garden before, but I desperately want tomatoes! Big juicy red ripe tomatoes. It always pisses me off that I live in California and can’t find ripe red tomatoes. AGHHH — I’m getting all worked up over it already and it’s only April.

    Also? I totally want to see pictures of your garden when everything springs up!

  • ScoMan

    I don’t really have anywhere to plan, but I like your garden strategy.

    Dad only started his vegetable garden after all the kids moved out of home so he could have it all organised and the way he wants it.

    Good luck!

  • Well if nothing else, you might have bred some fancy new tomato that will become a tree or a pea that will become who know what. Also if nothing else, you have planted so many plants you aren’t going to be able to tell the difference between the plants and the weeds and so you don’t have to weed. Isn’t that good news.
    We really can’t wait to see the results.
    Have a great day.

  • I had all intentions of a massive garden this year, but since my state of affairs has changed I believe so has what will be gardened and how. Container gardening is on the horizon for me! Huge, colorful pots bulging with all sorts of tomatoes, peppers, etc. For the most part though, I will plant what suits me upon shopping for the seedlings. No real plan, just plant. That’s it!

  • My man started his very first garden this weekend. He measured, he corded off, he began to dig. Stage 2 of his plan: build box, fill with dirt, plant. Not sure if this will happen before August!

  • I wish I had room for a garden. It’ll be fun for you to watch what comes up.

  • I have a black thumb so I don’t garden at all. I can’t wait to read about all your harvests.

  • I think many of us lead willy nilly lives.

    The fact is, any sense of control or destiny or permanence we may have is actually an illusion.

    In every moment everything changes.

    As a matter of fact, in this universe, by definition, the natural state is willy nilly, or entropy.

    So Nature has compensated for us, so that we can survive.

    Your garden will be beautiful.

    Look at the flowers in a natural field. Beautiful. Nature’s willy nilly planting.

    I’m only happy that you have that sense of adventure to do as Nature does.

    Dr. Ann

  • I haven’t planted a vegetable garden in years! It is a lot of fun growing your own food and harvesting. Lots of work too!

    Almost nothing about my life is neat and tidy, I want it to be, just never quite happens.

  • Oh I wish I could garden. But I do NOT have a Green Thumb by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I have managed to successfully murder any and all vegetation. My mother on the other hand is a natural. So I will just have to garden vicariously through YOU and my mom!

  • Last year I started a square foot garden, and I’m getting ready to plant some new stuff. I was nice and organized about it last year, though that did NOT mean that I grew lots of stuff. Most of it was a flop. This year it may be more willy-nilly, since I’m planning on letting my dirt-loving 2.5 year old help. So there is no telling what will end up where!

  • Good luck. I’ll be starting my own garden soon.

  • I’m not really a fan of planting as it is a lot of hard work. But it is good to hear that you are doing something for the environment.

  • Jen

    It’s still to early to plant here but I am itching to get to it. I’m not planting a garden in the ground this year. Everything is in a pot this year. Last year I had slugs galore and no matter what I did I couldn’t get rid of them. I had a bunch of drunk slugs because someone said to put an almost empty can of beer in the garden, they climb in the can, get drunk and then can’t get out. Not my slugs. They got out, ate my tomatoes and lettuce and then went back for more beer, after calling their little slug friends to join them.

  • The vegetable garden is really good idea you implemented and i also have made a same garden like this in which i have spinach,and some types of indian vegetables.

  • I love this! What a nice surprise it will be for you and the kids when everything starts to grow.

    Ours are in rows. I dug out a big garden a few years ago. I’m good at destroying then creating. But my wife is in charge of the actual planting and maintaining.

    Our house is in decent order for a family of five. If things are too cluttered my mind gets a bit overwhelmed. But I love a taste of spontaneity too.

    My latest project is chopping/splitting wood. I dump garbage at the dump and then pick up logs there. Nice exchange!

  • I wish I could have done all of that! I hven’t gotten a chance to make it outside to plant anything, yet. I hope I get to soon

  • I also love planting,i have a garden in my home in which i like to plant grapes,berries.

  • I love gardening more than anything so i love to be a part of this type of blog which explain about gardening in different ways.

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