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Heebie Jeebies
Published on Sunday, October 17, 2010 by

The heebie jeebies, the willies, the creeps – we’ve all had them.  Whether from a scary movie, a childhood memory or a fear of clowns – most of us have some kind of trigger that can send chills down our spines.

I get to see my trigger every October, just a few streets away.  For that is where THE WITCH lives three weeks out of the year.

You’ve seen them.  The fake witches that appear to have flown directly in to a tree.  But this one is different.  She is life size.  And oh so real looking.  Her legs are filled out.  Her hands are clawed and I can just barely see her turn her head to gaze at me.  <SHUDDER>

large tree witch

life sized witch

And now there is someone new to share in the shivers.  We have a neighbor who decorates her house for weeks before Halloween.  She has pirates, ghosts, witches, skeletons and even a pirate ship bedecked with jewels and gold.  There are figures standing throughout her yard, daring children to walk by for a simple piece of candy.

decorating for halloween

But this year, there is someone new.  Someone who caught my eye and <gulp> gave me the super heebie jeebies.  He lives across the street from the witch house.  I think they know each other.  And I think they know ME.  That street has just gotten a little more frightening.

scary decorations

What gives YOU the heebie jeebies?

mom blog

  • Okay you live in a scary neighborhood. Wow.

    The trick or treaters freak me out and that's why we go to the boat on Halloween. We miss all of them. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Thomas

    Michael Myers and Freddy Kruegger! C-a-reeeeppppyyyy!!!

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  • Oh my – those window clings in the windows are spooky!! I'd never get my kids in the house!!


  • Hey, what was Jepeto doing in your neighbourhood?! 🙂

  • Oh snap! those are sofa king creepy! I am such a baby about all things scary! I am NOT a fan of Halloween! EXCEPT for the CANDY!

  • Can I call your street Resident Evil? Those would give me heebie jeebies anytime!

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