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He Shoots! He Sco…..
Published on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 by

A working mom with Stay-At-Home-Dreams – that’s me.  But I’m grateful that even though I have to clock in every day, work is not always the same old routine.

Case in fact:  Larry and Kyle.  I’ve talked about these guys before.  They are Abbott and Costello reincarnated.

Larry: “Who’s on first,”

Kyle: “Yes.”

Larry: “I mean the fellow’s name.”

Kyle: “Who.”

Lately, their end of the day routine is to play a quick round of Cubicle Wall Ball.  Kyle throws the ball to the top corner of his cubie, where it bounces off the wall and shoots towards Larry.  Larry catches the ball and throws it against the wall to Kyle’s cubie.

The objective of the game is to catch the ball and hope your opponent drops it when it is your turn to throw.  If your opponent drops the ball, you get a point.  Five points and you win the game.

Today Kyle wanted to win.  Bad.  The game was close.  Hearts were pounding.  Palms were sweating.  Larry squints.  He carefully aims.  He pulls back and shoots!  Swish!  Bounce!  Woosh!

It flies towards Kyle!  Kyle is NOT going to miss!  It shoots past his head!  And in a split second of desperation and miscalculation….


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