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Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend Tina
Published on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 by

birthay cake with polka dotsToday is a very special day.  It’s my friend Tina’s birthday.  If I could, I would shower her with flowers, chocolate, jewelry and a singing telegram.  A hot, good looking male singing telegram – Rated G of course, because her faith is strong.  (But she could certainly appreciate a singing telegram, right?) 

With times as they are, I am unable to send my long list of fancy gifts.  But I can give her something else that I think is just as good.  My friendship, my love and my great appreciation for the tremendous impact she has made on my life.

Tina and her husband had a family with wonderful children.  But the Lord took him away too soon.  Left alone with her children and pregnant, Tina brought her last daughter to the world without him.  The strength this took – the faith to carry on, shows the depth of her character.  She trusted God and made it through. 

Since that time, she has raised her children single handedly.  All the while, helping others at every turn. I am one of those people she has helped, over and over.  

She home schools, she takes care of the house, she cooks, she cleans. She has taught herself ways to provide money for the family through website work – a difficult task that requires constant change and education. 

Did I mention that she has Lyme Disease, and that her Lyme leaves her in constant pain most days?  Long-term Lyme does NOT go away. 

With everything that was taken from her, the pain is not fair.  But she doesn’t hold a grudge.  She does what she can when she can. With faith, hope and love. 

Tina’s children are beautiful, funny, well behaved, smart and silly.  This is due to Tina’s positive influence as a mother, teacher and friend. 

So as you read this, if you could join me in wishing Tina a very happy birthday.  Please send her your prayers, thoughts and wishes.  A prayer for a cure for Lyme, for the health and well being of her children, and for her to have the most amazing birthday EVER. 

Now, what’s that number for a singing telegram?

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