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Happily Ever After
Published on Monday, September 30, 2013 by

I am sad to say this is the final day of the September 2013 Photo Challenge!  It has been wonderful seeing all of your creative, beautiful, moving and funny photos.  You are so talented, and I thank you for sharing your work!

Today’s predetermined subject is “Happily Ever After.”  Fake Barbie is the subject for this theme, although she does not appear in the actual photo.

You see… Fake Barbie loved Real Ken with all her heart.  Alas, Real Ken was devoted to Real Barbie.  I hope you can follow this.  Over the years, Real Barbie became quite the independent plastic lady.  Once she finished medical school, she decided it was time to leave Real Ken and open her own practice.

With no one else around, Real Ken felt compelled to Booty Call Fake Barbie one too many times.  No flowers.  No lunch dates.  Just midnight calls.  Finally, Fake Barbie had enough and took matters in to her own hands.

retro ken head

With Ken finally out of the picture, it only took an instant for Fake Barbie and Real Barbie to realize they were actually deeply in love.  They soon purchased a condo in Denver, went Vegan and lived happily ever after.

*I took this picture at my favorite abandoned antique store.  Real Ken’s head was behind the building, placed just like this.  After taking this photograph I left him just as he was.  “Take nothing but pictures.  Leave nothing but footprints.  And Ken Heads.”

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