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Blog Photo Challenge: NEW
Published on Friday, January 31, 2014 by

Alilhoohaa’s January photo blogging challenge theme is “New.”  I waited until the last minute, not sure of what I could photograph that was “new.”  Sadly, nothing in my life had been new.  Until….


Sure, that may be old hat to you cold winter state folks, but to all of us in the Virginia Beach area, snow is practically unheard of.  We may get a small taste of it from year to year, but typically we just don’t get any REAL snow.

That is, until this week.  Ten inches, give or take.  Cities have shut down, schools have shut down and roads are covered in fluffy white.  So my snow day was an adventure to remember.  We finally got to play with HONEST TO GOODNESS SNOW.

Things you see every day of your winters were new to us beach folk.  This gave me a wonderful opportunity to take pictures of things that were completely new to our Hampton Roads eyes.  Imagine yourself playing in snow for the very first time.  What new things would catch your eye?  Here are the new things that caught mine!

1.  This is my favorite house in the neighborhood.  They need to be careful when they leave for work!

icicles on house

2.  Icicles.  We NEVER get those.  I took lots of icicle pictures because they are so new to me!

icicles on street light

3.  Frozen pipes.  When they aren’t bursting, they can be quite beautiful.

frozen water spout

4.  I love these lions.  They aren’t ours, yet they have been a part of our lives for years.  I have walked three children past these from toddlers to teens.  When my children were little they were fascinated by these beautiful cats.  Each Halloween the owners put face masks on them.  This week brought something new to them – snow hats!

garden lion

5.  My daughter and I ventured out early to pick up her friend and explore the neighborhood.  I followed behind my daughter in the tire tracks left by snow-friendly trucks.  I don’t know what it is about this picture, but I believe it is my absolute favorite.

pink snow boots

That was five, wasn’t it?  If you are a rule follower, stop right here.  But if you want to see a few more of our “new snow” pictures, continue on!

This is the tidal water just behind my neighbor’s house.  It was completely covered in ice.  On a side note, this neighbor told her children there were huge sharks in the water to keep them from wandering too close.  I love that story!

frozen elizabeth river

A simple iron chair in my back yard, yet so pretty with snow.

snow decorative

“Daddy, can I go in the truck too?”

puppy in snow

Snow Angels.  I hadn’t made one since I was a child.  Falling back and making one in this pristine snow was something I will not soon forget.  The next time it snows in your area, you MUST make a snow angel!

making a snow angel

Antiques and snow.  Lovely.

antique garden plow

I saved my favorite picture for last.  If you look carefully, you will see a snowball in mid-air.  I told my daughter I was not sure if it would have been better had she hit her friend in the head or not.  I think the fact she missed makes it better, because sadly for her in this one moment, she threw like her mother.  The apple doesn’t fall far, does it?


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