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Is it just me?
Published on Thursday, November 5, 2009 by

Welcome to a typical day in the life of Katherine.

Exhibit one:

how to remove gum

Driving from 7-11 back to work, I pick up my coffee refill cup for a swig of the delicious dark mountain roast mixed with pumpkin spice.  As I raise my cup, a string of hot and gooey gum forms from underneath, stretching up across the car’s upholstery, then over and across my thigh, finally thinning as it reaches my face.  First of all, where did that gum COME from?  And second of all, whose messy car is that, because it CERTAINLY can’t be mine!  <cough>

Exhibit two:

strawberry frozen yogurt

Notice the strawberry and single grape nut in my purse.  At about 3:00 I reached in for a piece of gum, only to find my finger smeared with sticky wetness.  A VERY interesting feeling, not knowing there was a strawberry in my purse to begin with.  This was a result of a lunch time mishap with my friend at a local frozen yogurt joint.  I turned as she pivoted, sending half of her yogurt/strawberries/grape nuts across the floor.  Apparently a rogue strawberry and grapenut made it to my purse.

As I pick the gum off of my pants and upholstery and extract the sticky strawberry out of my purse I wonder.  Does this ever happen to Martha Stewart?

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