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There Is A ____ In My Food!
Published on Monday, June 6, 2011 by

I’ve never really been a puzzle person, mostly because I just don’t have the time.  But at the beach house, time is a little slower and life allows for just a bit more.  So in April we broke out a puzzle and started to work on it as a team each weekend.

dolphin puzzle

On a side note, I will tell you that I’ve learned a bit about my amazing, poised and generous mother during this puzzle building process.  When she is focused on a particular section, she is protective possessive obsessive enjoys the challenge ahead.

Last weekend my 17 year old came back from swimming before my mother and I did.  When I finally arrived, he met me at the top of the stairs with his head down.  In his sweet pretend child-like voice he said, “Mommmyyyyy… ummmm…. Mommmyyyyy…. There was a little accident with the puzzllllllle….”

My eyes widened as I cupped my hand over my mouth and ever so slowly looked towards the counter.  The puzzle was there, intact!  I turned questioningly towards my son.

Out of his mouth spilled, “I was making my sandwich just like I always do and I wasn’t really near the puzzle  I promise and then I sat down and started to eat and I noticed one of the pieces of meat was kind of chewy but I kept trying to eat it and when I realized it wasn’t meat I took it out of my mouth and… well…”

He then slowly opened his hand to reveal the following:

chewed puzzle pieces

I started to chuckle, and then to laugh, and then by the time he finished blurting out, “I have NO IDEA HOW THOSE PUZZLE PIECES GOT IN MY SANDWICH!” I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

As for me – if there is something gross in the food, I will be the one to find it.  I’ve come across fingernails, fishing line and plastic.  The worst?  It was a hamburger in the college cafeteria.  I took my first bite and felt resistance.  Hamburger still in hand, I looked down to see a hair leading from the bite still sitting in my mouth to the middle of the burger I was holding.

Yea, I know.

Have you ever found anything in your food that simply should not have been there?

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  • Bwahahahahaha.  Your son cracks me up too.  That’s a good one.

    As for your hair in your burger.  Gross. 

    I can’t remember having anything weird in my food.  I’m pretty happy about that.

    Have a terrific day.   🙂

  • wooow,very big puzzle game

  • My mom is a MASTER at puzzles. On the other hand, I am useless when it comes to puzzles! I think it’s HILARIOUS your son’s sandwich had three pieces inside of it!

    And, I would totally VOMIT if there was ever a hair in my hamburger!

  • Ron

    ” “I have NO IDEA HOW THOSE PUZZLE PIECES GOT IN MY SANDWICH!” I had tears rolling down my cheeks.”
    HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, how hysterical! Aren’t kids the best???
    And speaking of puzzles…I have one sitting in my closet that a dear friend of mine gave me YEARS ago which has NEVER been put together. I keep meaning to do, but forget. I think I’ll save it for a nice, gray, chilling fall day, with a nice cup of coffee.
    *I think*
    The grosses thing I ever found in my food was a BUG in my fried rice, while dining in a Chinese
    restaurant. And let’s just say that I DID NOT have to pay for my meal and I NEVER went back – HA!

  • That was pretty funny! I think your son and my daughter would have fun swapping stories. She occasionally sleep walks, and one time while sleep walking she pulled keys off her computer keyboard and ate them! LOL! I love that story!

  • Not really in my food, but once, back in the days of glass soda bottles (that you returned for your deposit back) I found a piece of twisted wire in the bottle.

  • Your son? KILLS me! Hair in my food? Also kills me, but in a totally different way!! 🙂

  • I want to know how the puzzle piece got into his sandwich.  I can’t stand strange things in food.  That’s why there are hairnets for gosh sake.

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  • Asian beetles taste pretty bitter. I think I would rather eat a puzzle piece! 🙂

  •  My elder brother is a champion at college in puzzle.

  • I once bought chicken nuggets and there was pieces of feathers in them, like as if they forgot to clean the chick! i swore to never buy them again.

    • EW EW EW EWWWWWW I am picturing nuggets with feathers… EWWWW! Well, I guess the good side is that they were feathers and not fur or scales?

  • Impetua

    Found a wood chip in my bottle of orange Fanta once, while a student in Russia.  Good times!

    • Oh WOW! If you were in America you could have SUED LOL!!!! I would love to hear about your time in Russia!

  • David G Hodder

    Katherine again!  What a wonderful way of writing.  Great humour and great fun.  Keeps me spellbound. Love the picture of the piece of chewed jigsaw puzzle – couldn’t be better, and the wonderful image of Katherine laughing just brings home to the observer what a great character she must be and to know!
    I love her messages.  They suit my wicked sense of humour.

    David Hodder.

  • David G Hodder

    Katherine, I forgot to say, I love the crossed out words that describe your mother’s attitude when doing puzzles.  Those few “missing” words sum up everything, don’t they?  Great laugh!  It is now 01:20a.m. on Tuesday the 26th. July 2011.  It’s all your fault because your humorous messages have been keep-ing me from my bed, so I will get my own back on you and open them at a more suitable time.  God Bless You and GOOD NIGHT!  (MORNING perhaps?)> 

    David Hodder.

    • David, your comment brought a big smile to my face! My mom is the most amazing, generous and wonderful woman…. she was a dedicated Navy wife and now a widow – a true lady – but I tell you what – if you go to the corner SHE is working on when doing a puzzle, watch OUT! LOL!

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