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Published on Thursday, April 2, 2009 by

cooking imageToday seemed like a good day to introduce you to a new blog, written by someone I know and love.  His name is Tommy, and he is one of the many sons of my sister.  

My sis has a slew of kids – some off to college, with the youngest now only four.  Tommy is around the middle.  This is not a normal family, with normal problems.  It is a family whose single mother, my sister, went for years getting sicker and sicker from an undiagnosed case of Lyme disease.  She has been almost crippled, has almost died, and has permanent damage, despite the many antibiotics she has been pumped with.  Unfortunately, Lyme stays in your body if not caught early.  But that is another story. 

So during the worst of it all, Tommy took it upon himself to cook.  He had no choice.  Mom couldn’t cook, and Tommy had a knack for making great meals for a big family.  He experiments, he substitutes and he creates.  And it is GOOD. 

Now, to add a bit more to the mix, my sister’s youngest daughter has diabetes AND multiple food allergies.  She has an insulin pump, and every bit of food that goes in her mouth has to be examined for allergies and calculated for diabetes.  But Tommy stepped up and learned how to cook for diabetic children and kids with food allergies. 

I helped Tommy start a blog so he can share some of his great recipes and cooking tips.  He is also hoping to help support the family with his hard website work as well.  This blog is REAL.  You can tell by the occasional misspellings (I text him about those, poor baby!), funny jokes and great tidbits about the family.  I also keep at him about adding more pictures of what he cooks – I promise to teach him more about that.  IF he wants me to.  After all, it is HIS blog! 

I wish I could share the lasagna he made for me.  But that is long gone.  This kid can COOK.  It is definitely worth a subscription.  I am proud of him.  He didn’t know anything about blogging or websites, yet he is teaching himself and working hard at his posts. 

So take a peek and flip through some of his older posts.  Cute, delicious and funny!

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