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Shoot Me NowGreat Christmas Shopper Practical Joke!

Great Christmas Shopper Practical Joke!
Published on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 by

Shopping CartYesterday my 14 year old son and I were finishing the last bit of Christmas shopping – something I hate doing in large stores.  I paid no attention to his wandering behind me as I paid.  As we were finally walking out, he began to smile and said, “Mom, watch how many people start to stand in line…”  


I turned and saw a light burning brightly at an empty register.  Then three people ran to stand in line, stopped, looked around and walked away.  Then another wave of hurried Christmas shoppers raced to be first, stood in stunned silence and finally left.


That rascal had turned on an empty register light, beckoning a surge of “me first” shoppers to show who was the quickest on their feet.  And I must say… after a day of dodging rude Christmas shoppers (OK, not all of them are rude, but there sure are a lot on the road this month!), I found myself giggling uncontrollably!


So the next time you are tired of getting jostled, bumped and bruised by so called “holiday shoppers,” do what my 14 year old did… sneak on a cash register light at one of those huge “we sell everything” department stores.  It will brighten your holiday season!

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