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Grandma’s Secret
Published on Monday, January 12, 2015 by

Today’s writing challenge subject is, “What is chill and how do I do it?”

grandma roller coaster

“Come on, Grandma. There is nothing to worry about. Be chill! You will love it!”

Edna looked up at the towering coaster before her. “What is chill and how do I do it?”

“You know, Grandma. Just CHILL! Don’t worry. I promise that once you get on you will have a blast. Trust me!” Amy put her small hand in her grandmother’s equally small yet frail hand and squeezed.

Just then a train came rushing back in to the station. Passengers were laughing, crying and talking a mile a minute as they exited their cars. Amy seemed to momentarily catch her breath as she slid just a little closer to her grandmother’s side.

Edna looked down at her granddaughter as her granddaughter looked up at her. There was a slight worry in Amy’s eyes. She seemed to be pleading with her grandmother to take that first step in to the waiting car. So Edna pursed her lips, nodded and allowed an employee to help her in to the seat.

Once they were strapped in, Edna scanned the waiting crowd. Singling out her grown daughter and Amy’s mother, she smiled and gave a sly wink as her granddaughter began her first roller coaster ride.

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