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Published on Sunday, April 15, 2012 by

Photo Challenge, Day 15


In April, 2010 a strange day-glow orange began to ooze out of a tree stump in my back yard.  Since then, the dying stump has morphed in to many things.  Today, it holds stepping stones for the many fairies and gnomes that call our back yard home.

fungus on wood

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  • Cadeaux

    Well, that is awfully interesting and cute.  🙂

  • I can’t believe you’ve managed to both meet fairies AND convince them to live in your garden with your magical tree stump. Shame there are no fairies in the shot.

  • I don’t think they lie being called fairies. Isn’t that politically incorrect? 

  • Phew! Glad the glowing orange has become a whimsical place for fairies and gnomes. (I’m not a big fan of fairies and gnomes but compared to what was going on before, I’ll take cute every day.)

  • Freaky…and cool.

  • Fairies AND gnomes? I didn’t think that they got along. Or is that Fairies and pixies? I can’t remember…Anyway – cool shot of a very cool tree stump!

  • Oh, you have both fairies and gnome? That is so unfair. we only have water sprites, which is very odd since Finland is basically just a great big forest… 

  • Anonymous

    At first I was repulsed by those things growing on your tree, but you make it magical and enchanting by adding the fairies and gnomes! Genius.

  • Thank you for making those ugly looking things growing out of that tree SOUND magical! Good job, girly! xoxo

  • Ohh cool!

  • Love this!  The fungus looks like they could also be little condos or houses for tiny mythical creatures.


  • Anonymous

    I love fairies and gnomes. All mythical creatures, to be honest, including Ents. Where are the Ents, I wonder? I hope there are still a few around…..

  • Mel

    Ohhhhh…way cool!  I like your stump!  Bettin’ the fairies do, too.  🙂

  • I’ll bet the fairies are doing cool things at night.  You’re missing that part.  What a great shot.   🙂

  • dogearedcopy

    Day-Glo Orange ooze that morphs? Whew! I’m glad it was just developing wood fungus and not, say aliens invaded our homes and brains 😀

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