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Google, Throw Me a Freakin’ BONE!
Published on Sunday, November 1, 2009 by

oct 2009 pr update width=When is the PR update?  Has the PR update started?  Why is the PR update late?  Yup, that was the internet buzz for so long this month.  And now… drum roll please…. Brrrrrrr….. the October 2009 PR update is HERE!

Quick!  Run to the laptop!  Check my sites!!!  Up?  Down?  Let’s see…. Same, up one, down one, same, same… and for my blog?  ZERO.


No, wait, that can’t be right.  I am white hat.  I build links naturally.  I had a PR THREE for heaven’s sake!  This MUST be a mistake.  Let me check the internet explorer browser.  DANG… still a ZERO!

Yes, this was my week.  Between more sick kids (can you say “doctor trip and walking pneumonia on Halloween?”), work and everything else, there was the PR update that rocked my blogging world.

What is a poor, self taught webmaster to do?  And I’m not the only one.  I know others who work their fingers to the bone trying to make a bit of extra money on the web to feed their kids, only to dashed by search engines and big rich companies.

Yes, I know I know.  PR doesn’t really mean anything, does it?  But when it comes to link building, it DOES.  Who wants to link to a PR0?  Yup.  I have a big fat ZERO on my face now.  *sigh*

I went through the typical stages of mourning…  Denial (I’ll check it every ten minutes for the rest of the day – I’m SURE there will be a change!), Anger (Stupid GOOGLE!) , Bargaining (Maybe if I sent Matt Cutts some cookies?), Depression (That’s it. I will never blog again!) to Acceptance (I am a loser. Might as well blog about it!).

So I’ve changed my theme, changed my permalinks, I’ll continue natural link building and just for good measure, I will light a google candle in church next week.  Oh, and does anyone know Matt Cutts’ favorite kind of cookie?

How did your own blog or website do in the October 2009 PR update?

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