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Did I See A Ghost?
Published on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 by

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The hair is standing up on my arms.  Not because I have a German background, either.  Well, partly I guess.  But mostly because I have taken my first GHOSTLY PICTURE.  FOR REAL!

This week I was able to ride shotgun to a distant city that is home to battlefields, historical buildings and plenty of American history.  Our destination?  A building constructed in 1940 by a good old country doctor.

Doc Brown treated everyone from babies to the elderly.  This building found him doing everything from stitching up cuts to birthing babies.  Yes…. laboring mothers often knocked on the back door that led to a special room used specifically for births.  Imagine the history of this old clinic.

real haunted house

The beloved physician retired, closing up a practice he ran as a young man to old.  Today the employees in the downstairs offices say Doc Brown still walks the halls checking on his patients.  In the morning papers have been found crumpled that were previously straight.  Sounds have been heard and images caught in the corner of the eye.

One of the ladies I spoke with told me she occasionally stays late and hears his steps down the hall.  She checks and finds no one, leaving her to call out, “Hi Doc Brown!”

While exploring the bottom floor I walked by a room and stopped short.  I “felt” something.  Just a feeling that called me to it.  I stood in the doorway and stared.  Then I walked in and stood.  I sensed there was “something to that room” but didn’t feel anything negative.

Loving history, old places and fascinating stories, I took a picture with my phone to send to my son.  Looking at the image, I immediately froze.

ghost in picture

When I took this picture there was no sun coming through the window.  And after I took the picture there was no sun coming through the window.  The “rays of light” were NOT THERE WHEN I TOOK THE PICTURE, BEFORE I TOOK THE PICTURE OR AFTER I TOOK THE PICTURE.

If these are rays of light that were simply undetectable to me in the room, then why are they radiating from the top of the room to the bottom?  And the chair… look at the chair.  My daughter says there is a man sitting there but I just see another ray of light.  There were no lights on in the room either.  What do you think?!

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