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Shoot Me NowHallelujah! I was so SICK of the first one!

Hallelujah! I was so SICK of the first one!
Published on Monday, May 3, 2010 by

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  • This is funny! I was also sick of the first one. I actually saw one of these in a garage sale a few weeks ago. My husband asked, “will the baby change for the better if put him on the table?”. 🙂

    • Cowvin, you actually SAW one of these in a garage sale? COOL! Of course, my next thought is EWWW…. what has it seen and has it been disinfected! Now I am thinking of what your husband said and picturing a mother putting her baby on and then “poof!” it is a kitten and then “poof!” it is a puppy, etc…

  • LOL!!! Did you take that picture?

    • @Margaret (Nanny Goats), Yes I did! But the funny part of the story is Monday my mother had her second eye surgery. After the surgery you go eat something and then come back to the actual doctor’s office an hour later for a checkup. While we were there my mother went to the restroom and came back to tell me about the baby changing station. I laughed and said, “Oh that would be great for the blog!” I was only kidding around, after all, my mother just had her EYE cut open! But she said, “That’s why I told you… why don’t you go take a picture!” How cool is my mom, REALLY!

  • ScoMan

    You know there’s only a 50% chance the baby will be better, right?

    Are you prepared to take that risk?

    • Wow ScoMan, you drive a HARD BARGAIN. I’m thinking maybe keep the baby you have…!!! LOL!

  • Jen

    If only these were available when my kids were small.

    • Yea Jen, why do they have all the COOL stuff now that our kids are older!!!

  • I wonder if you can direct the changes? Like a baby that sleeps at night!

    • Buggys, Oh YES… the possibilities. One that isn’t allergic to dairy, eggs, cashews, oranges, apples, dyes, additives…. that would have been my first change. No wait, reflux comes first – no more reflux. And perhaps less of a big head and no more mohawk… Oh wait, I LOVED that about my baby… that I would NOT have changed! 🙂

  • Oh my wish those were around when I was a baby but that was before time began. Maybe I would have been better if changed.
    Have a great week. That is a really funny one.

    • Marg, do you mean to change YOU? NO WAY!!!! That would have been very VERY wrong and bad! 🙂

  • Man, they didnt have ANYTHING good like this when my son was little!

    • meleah rebeccah, Can you imagine if the Mom could get on it too, with the baby, and change in to a different area? Like Disney Land? That would be SWEET!

  • Great, now if only they’d invent a “Mother-In-Law Changing Table”!

    • Nicky, you win the “Katherine laughed out loud and snorted milk through her nose even though she isn’t drinking milk” award!

  • I wonder if it works on teens…?

    • MsDarkstar, Actually it doesn’t. Ummmm…. I tried. 😉

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