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Shoot Me NowFunny Pictures Times THREE – Wordless Wednesday

Funny Pictures Times THREE – Wordless Wednesday
Published on Wednesday, December 16, 2009 by

Just a few recent pix from my Blackberry!

A local gas station. This place is NOT owned by Americans…. (Funny thing is, it was the same way on both sides of the sign!)

funny gas station sign

A bathroom at work. Nothing says “family at work” like Personal Washcloths, Oust and Hemorrhoid Cream!

casual office bathroom

This is a Dog Face fish, which is actually a type of Puffer Fish.  It was in a pet shop.  Honestly, as a dog owner, it FREAKED ME OUT.

dog faced fish

mom blog

  • The gas station sign is too funny…and that is the same price I paid for gas this morning!

  • Too funny! I agree about the fish…freaky!

  • That fish freaks me out!!!

  • Those pics are absolutely hilarious! And I agree with you on the dog fish – kinda freaky!

  • Jen

    Looks like my daughter was putting up signs for the gas station again. We’ve been working on 7s and 9s but they still get turned around.

    The dog fish is kinda cool and it really looks like a dog.

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