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Shoot Me NowFunny Iphone Ringtone with the Wrong Lyrics!

Funny Iphone Ringtone with the Wrong Lyrics!
Published on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by

Big Shoes to FillMy brother recently got an Iphone, and was discussing which ring tone he would have for each daughter. His youngest, 9, said there was a song she had heard that was “pretty cool” and that she would like to have it as her ring tone. My niece then began to describe the song. “It is about some guy who drinks too much on Fridays and wants to stop. I kind of liked it. By the way, Dad, what is a bisdain?” My brother explained he didn’t know of a word “bisdain,” and how was it used in the song? “Oh,” replied my niece, “He says he would rather have a spot on his tie than a bisdain on his shoe!” My brother immediately burst into laughter. Later that night, the entire family was cracking jokes about “bisdains on their shoes!” And where did she hear that song, anyways!

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