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But Wait, I’m The One That Feeds You!
Published on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 by

A little fun with Emma and her tennis balls.  I think it is time for TBA, or Tennis Balls Anonymous.  And what is with that growl after MY name?

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  • Awwww…that was adorable.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Emma just not going to give up her ball (s) well maybe a couple but definitely not the one in her mouth. She is a cutie!!

  • Why is it dogs want to play ball, and yet won’t give up the ball for you to throw? That has always puzzled me. It seems they’d rather play tug-of-war than fetch.

    • I have seen a bunch of dogs on the beach who actually BRING their balls back – can you imagine? We can hardly GET the ball to throw it, much less get it a second time. Oh and tug of war… why do dogs love that? It’s easier to sit on the couch and play tug of war than to grab a ball out of the “jaws of death” at least. 🙂

      • Jay of the Depp Effect

        I think the tug-of-war thing is a very basic ‘play as life practice’ thing, going back to when wild dogs had to compete for bits of a kill. Fetching balls/thrown toys is related to hunting, digging holes is probably related to finding worms, moles etc to eat (I’ve known of a dog who would dig up and kill moles) or buried bits of discarded food. Squeaky toys – well that one is obvious! 😉

        • I read this and thought, “Duhhh!” Why didn’t I realize that… the tug of war. Competing for the food, that makes so much sense. As far as squeaky toys, Emma can’t hear, but once we gave her a squeaky toy and she went CRAZY… she had to rip through the toy to get the squeaker out. She felt the vibration and got SO EXCITED… once she got the squeaker out it was “dead” and she was done!

  • Sharing is overrated.
    Apparently it’s not lunch time yet.

    • Of course she would LOVE for us to share when it comes lunch time! 😉 I think we have about 50 tennis balls all around the house.. when she “breaks” the inside it means she “killed” them and they aren’t as desirable. I assume the ones she let my son have were “dead” ones! 😉

  • Emma just keeps getting cuter and cuter. That was more like a game of tug-o’war!

  • Jay of the Depp Effect

    I love how dogs growl when you’re playing with them! Sid does, too! I had one girl (the gentlest, dearest thing) who would growl and air-snap ferociously but never, ever made contact. She’d rather have bitten her own tongue.

    Of course it goes without saying that you and your dog must trust each other implicitly and you must know your dog ‘language’! Clearly you do!

    • Sid sounds great – and funny how the girl you had even air snapped. With Emma we have had some air snaps when she is “just” falling asleep and she is startled. We now know not to go near as she is starting to fall asleep. Waking her up is fine though. I guess puppies growl when they play, right? I love dogs!

  • My little Yorkie Niles doesn’t usually wake up to watch dog videos, but he was totally into Emma and the “growl”. She is just precious, and looks very spoiled, too…

    Aren’t dogs the best? : )

    • Yes, dogs are AWESOME! How funny that Niles listened!!!! Emma can’t hear, so I wonder if she even knows the sound she is making. Our trainer told me that since Emma barks, there is probably SOME sort of hearing.. but I can walk in the door and talk to her and she won’t wake up. I love Niles’ name!

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