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Published on Friday, May 30, 2014 by

Here we are at the end of the month, meaning it is time for the ‘Lilhoohaa photo challenge post.  This month’s subject is FUN!

1.  Last weekend my son went surfing.  As he paddled out, I saw that three children were watching him intently, as if they had never seen a surfer before.  Once he started to turn, they began to get even more excited.  They waited with baited breath until he finally caught a wave.  As he stood up and began to ride, the children jumped up and down while screaming, “He got it he got it he got it!”  I was grinning ear to ear at their joy while my son remained oblivious to the fun he provided them.

outer banks surfing

2.  I have been hunting for a can of googly eyes for weeks and finally found one in Corolla.  After my purchase, my middle son began to pull them out of my hands.  I resisted, until he said, “Mom… TRUST ME.”  I reluctantly handed him the tin.  He then held on to one side while he placed the other side in my right hand.  He looked in my eyes and said with much seriousness, “Mom… with great power comes great responsibility.”  And then he released the tin.  It took me a while before I found just the right spot to place my precious first pair of googly eyes.  One they were attached, I went to my son for approval.  Quietly, I said, “Did I choose the right spot?”  He glanced at the alligator and then back at me, replying, “You did well, my child.  You did very, very well.”  Googly eyes?  FUN.

funny googly eyes

3.  Henna tattoos.  What could be more fun!

foot henna tattoo

4.  …… and drink umbrellas.

fancy drink

5.  And finally, there is nothing more fun than attempting to get a good giant duck kissing picture.  And FAILING!

kiss the duck

mom blog

  • Lisa

    LOL! I love these shots…even the duck picture! But my fave is the beach, hands down, 🙂

  • I don’t even know what in hell that giant duck is all about but I sure wish it lived closer to me. You did an excellent job bringing the surfing photo to life with your writing. Googly eyes rule!

  • Ron

    Katherine, faaaaaabulous photos of FUN!

    *two thumbs up*

    I absolutely loved #2. And not only the photo, but your writing!!!!

    And what a brilliant shot of you with the duck! It’s funny because I actually have a small rubber duckie in my bathroom that looks just like that one!

    Have a super FUN weekend, my friend!

  • izzy

    Fabulous photos – partial to kissing the duck!

  • Mike Davis

    Fun shots! There is a tumblr or instagram something or other called vandaleyes that’s googly eyes put on things. That gator should be on it.

  • Your duck is much larger than mine.

  • GeoKs

    What a fun set of photos, complemented by some great writing…especially about the surfing and the googly eyes. You’ve got me thinking about picking up some googly eyes next time I’m at the craft / dollar store!

  • Ah, the responsibility of placing googly eyes. You can’t just place them all willy-nilly you know! Great shots, especially the kids by the ocean. Love the story behind it.

  • Paul Myers

    I literally laughed out loud at your son’s Spiderman reference to Googly eyes. Sounds like he has quite the personality.

  • Hey Katherine! Heh, loving the huuuuge duck. “Release the quacken!” The surfing story is one for the books, too =) Indigo x

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