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From Wheels to Icebergs
Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 by

During the April 2012 30-Day Photo Challenge, I had to post a picture of wheels.  Simple enough.  I posted the following:

white nissan quest wheels

Funny thing though.  This simple picture led to a new post.  A post that I realized was NOT ALLOWED in the photo contest.  During the contest, we are restricted to only 250 words per picture.  My new wheel post?  435. 

So here is the post I WANTED to include with my picture.  A simple picture that led to so much more.

My wheels have been used and abused, mostly from a lack of money for much needed car care.  Yet my wheels continue to take my children and me to where we need to go.

They take me to school. To work.  To doctor’s offices.  To pharmacies.  To sports games.  And they take me on my escape routes.  My weekend escapes from a life I know I wasn’t meant to live.

During Easter Mass, the priest made note that people are similar to icebergs.  We only use 10% of our natural potential and abilities.  ONLY TEN PERCENT.

That means that I have ninety percent of unused talent simply wasted.  NINETY PERCENT!

The greatest joys of my life are my children and my mother.  They are the reason I am here.  But I can’t provide them with what they need.  I know I have the potential, but it is potential that remains below the water line.

Small Town Mommy wrote something a while back in a comment that has stuck with me since.  And I bet she doesn’t even know it!  She wrote the following:

“When I feel completely helpless, I try to make a plan (I like to be in control and planning helps me feel in control).  I look into different ideas and try to develop a plan to get back into control.”

Today, I feel my life is completely out of control.  My house is a wreck.  My car is a wreck.  There is no food in the house.  I skip meds I need due to money.  I wear old clothes that don’t fit me.  My kids don’t have half of what they need.  And love?  In that, I’m alone.

Another issue?  I want to find time and ways to help others.  Volunteer.  Give anonymous gifts to others.  I’ve got tons of ideas that I’ve yet been able to carry out.  Again, 90% under the water’s surface.

I know part of this is due to my now diagnosed imbalanced thyroid.  I’ve recently started medication for that.  And my gastroparesis? It keeps me from eating a healthy diet.  It is hard to be tired all the time from issues you cannot even control.

But there are things I CAN control.  And I am starting tomorrow.  Tomorrow I am going to make a graphic of an iceberg.  Underneath the waterline, I will create levels of my plan.  Levels of things that I am going to change.  Slowly, but surely, my potential will begin to rise to the top.

And all of this?   All of this began with a simple picture of my wheels.  Wheels that take me on so many escapes.  But now, they will not be escapes, but rewards for the small changes I plan to make day by day by day.

Wheels.  Looking at them now, I love my wheels.

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