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From This… To That…
Published on Monday, October 26, 2009 by

This weekend we were blessed with a “last hoorah” trip to Corolla.  Basketball is around the corner, taking up every Saturday and Sunday.  We didn’t care that Saturday was going to be rainy and cold.  After all, it is the BEACH HOUSE!  No stress, no germs, nothing but time.  Time to leave worries behind and to concentrate on getting better.

To our GREAT surprise, the rain was nowhere to be seen. We had SUNSHINE.  Beautiful, phenomenal and fabulous SUNSHINE.  I came off the beach with a sunburn.  A SUNBURN!!

So here we are on Monday.  We have gone from this:

To that:

My oldest took a turn for the worse on Sunday with a rocking cough.  So my strep child got better as another went downhill.  *sigh*  I took a picture of my daughter and me in the pediatrician’s office waiting room.  Masks were required and coughing was a plenty!

From sick to sun to sick.  But oh my goodness that sun in the middle.  I am so grateful for that glorious sun… for that temporary escape from the insanity that is my constantly sick home.  Let the sunshine.  PLEASE!

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