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From The Barbie Friendship Airplane to…..
Published on Friday, August 28, 2009 by

barbie friendship airplaneHave you ever wanted anything so bad you couldn’t stand it?  As a child, did you have that ONE SPECIAL TOY that you wanted more than ANYTHING ELSE IN THE  WHOLE WORLD?  For me, it was the Barbie Friendship Airplane.  I can see it now, pictured in the Sears Catalog.  Two cabins, a fold out cockpit and tail, working drink cart and galley.  It was the stuff of Barbie Dreams.  And it was going to be mine, ALL MINE.

If I remember correctly, I paid for part and my parents paid the rest.  Perhaps it was birthday money or allowance.  But that was of no matter to me.  I was getting it, and getting it SOON.  Every day I looked for the mail.  Did it come?  Did it come?  No, not today.  RATS.

And then came the blessed day.  The day the world came to a halt and the heavens opened with angels rejoicing.  Sing with me, “It’s here!!  It’s here!!  The BARBIE FRIENDSHIP AIRPLANE IS HERE!”  (You ALWAYS had to say the WHOLE name.)

I fondly recall opening it up.  Sniff!  Ahhh  the wonderful smell of Barbie large product plastic.  Almost akin to contact paper, don’t you think?  Ken was the pilot and Barbie was the stewardess.  But you know what?  If I were to play today, Barbie’s behind would be flying that airplane.  Ken would be the flight attendant, and perhaps a little light in the loafers as well.  Things change as you grow, don’t you think?

Today, the change is great when it comes to my wish list.  My current DREAM is to own an iRobot Roomba Pet Series 532 Cleaning Robot.  A toy for Moms, that’s what THAT is!  I have a Dalmatian, two cats, guinea pigs… oh I’m not going to go on.  But when you add the three children and no time for cleaning, Ay Carumba is there PET HAIR everywhere!  Kids, get the nebulizer, little Jeffrey is in the house!

I picture myself closing the door, off to school and work.  My little roomba robot set to clean.  Whrrrrrr…. Whrrrrrrr….. Then home, open the door and WOW… someone vacuumed while I was away!  My dream, not to be realized as my wallet was roomba-ed when the economy crashed.  But I can still dream, right?  You know, I might even name my little imaginary Roomba Pet Series 532 (you HAVE to say the whole name!).  I think I will call him…. George.

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