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From Sadness to Stupidity
Published on Friday, September 17, 2010 by

funny stonedine infomercial

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment on my post about Dottie.  I am not going to answer comments on that particular post, simply because I just can’t.  But what I can do is thank all of you for giving me virtual hugs, support and a shoulder to cry on.  It means so much.

Things are still pretty raw over here.  Not much happiness and too few smiles.  We open the door and call out, “Dottie!” before the realization hits.

However, there is something that gave both my oldest son and I a really good laugh.  A laugh that was much needed, to say the least.

It always seems to be the infomercials that give us a good chuckle.  And this time it was no exception.  It must have been about 1 a.m., us gazing with dead stares into a moving television set.  That is when the Stone Dine infomercial came on.

We watched with our brains half tuned out, too sad to sleep but not motivated to do anything else.  The host throws steak in the pan.  Cheese in the pan.  Egg in the pan. “They won’t stick!”

To prove this, he lifts the egg pan up and WOOOSH WOOOOOSH!!!!  The egg magically jumps out of the pan and flies to the plate, making a somewhat Star Trek Ninja Sound as it goes.

I turn to my son as he turns to me and we burst out laughing.  Did they really DO that?  A serious commercial, with that thrown in for what… a laugh?  Is it supposed to be serious?  All I know is it loosened the tension and gave us a moment of crazy stupid giddiness.

Since then I’ve seen the commercial start several times.  “It’s on!!!  It’s ON!!” I scream as I hear my son fly in to the room.  We sit, waiting anxiously like dogs awaiting a master’s treat – ready for the moment when he lifts up the frying egg.  Ahhh, the suspense.  I hope it will last.

Watch a moment in the beginning to get the gist of the infomercial.  Then move the bar to exactly two minutes in.  Get your ninja suit on and prepare to be amazed!  Iron Chefs be damned.  We have a flying egg!

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