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From Sadness to Stupidity
Published on Friday, September 17, 2010 by

funny stonedine infomercial

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment on my post about Dottie.  I am not going to answer comments on that particular post, simply because I just can’t.  But what I can do is thank all of you for giving me virtual hugs, support and a shoulder to cry on.  It means so much.

Things are still pretty raw over here.  Not much happiness and too few smiles.  We open the door and call out, “Dottie!” before the realization hits.

However, there is something that gave both my oldest son and I a really good laugh.  A laugh that was much needed, to say the least.

It always seems to be the infomercials that give us a good chuckle.  And this time it was no exception.  It must have been about 1 a.m., us gazing with dead stares into a moving television set.  That is when the Stone Dine infomercial came on.

We watched with our brains half tuned out, too sad to sleep but not motivated to do anything else.  The host throws steak in the pan.  Cheese in the pan.  Egg in the pan. “They won’t stick!”

To prove this, he lifts the egg pan up and WOOOSH WOOOOOSH!!!!  The egg magically jumps out of the pan and flies to the plate, making a somewhat Star Trek Ninja Sound as it goes.

I turn to my son as he turns to me and we burst out laughing.  Did they really DO that?  A serious commercial, with that thrown in for what… a laugh?  Is it supposed to be serious?  All I know is it loosened the tension and gave us a moment of crazy stupid giddiness.

Since then I’ve seen the commercial start several times.  “It’s on!!!  It’s ON!!” I scream as I hear my son fly in to the room.  We sit, waiting anxiously like dogs awaiting a master’s treat – ready for the moment when he lifts up the frying egg.  Ahhh, the suspense.  I hope it will last.

Watch a moment in the beginning to get the gist of the infomercial.  Then move the bar to exactly two minutes in.  Get your ninja suit on and prepare to be amazed!  Iron Chefs be damned.  We have a flying egg!

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  • Hrumph… I guess I miss all the good stuff not having a TV. *giggle

  • What the hell was that?! hahahahaaha That levitating egg was such a weird moment.

    I also…uh…think I want to try one of these pans.

  • Sweetie, I had a hole in my heart for a long time when I lost my girl. I couldn't even get out of bed some days. I went on Zoloft (an antidepressant) and it really didn't do much. I got another dog, Honey, from the shelter. She was nothing like my first girl, (Mitch was a little black cocker.) Honey was about 5, a big girl and a shepherd – pit bull mix. I knew she had some health issues, and figured I'd just give her a place to live until it was time to put her down. That was 5 years ago. I can honestly say she healed my heart.

    And I love the flying egg!

    • We keep thinking we hear her, we forget and call her… it's awful. They are such a part of your family. I've actually been to the pound. Broke down, but went. Had to see a dog my daughter fell in love with from a pet adoption event we accidentally ran in to. Also have a dalmatian my kids have fallen in love with. My heart is broken, and some have told me, “WAIT until you get another dog. At least a few months.” But I truly believe rescuing a dog who is going to be put down will fill our home again with smiles that are much needed. A new dog would never… COULD never replace Dottie… but could bring a little joy back in to the house… you are right, dogs can heal. But our dogs that are lost are always with us… forever.

      • I still see Mitch going around the corner. She has torn open the cat';s treats. She appears to me at the strangest moments. But now it is in happier times. Getting Honey change my life and gave me back my life. When lost her , I needed something and Honey gave that to me. I can now recall the happy times,Sweetheart, but I could not before.

        • You have more than one dog, don't you? When did you take the plunge and do more than one, if so?

          • Katherine, when I got Honey, I fully expected to not have her for that long. She had a brutal life and was a scarred girl. She also had bad arthritis and needed a lot of medication. I was just glad we could step in and provide adequate health care for her. I didn't mean to fall madly in love with her but I did.

            About 8 months after getting Honey, I realized that if I lost her, I would be lost too. So we got goofy Harry. I adore him too,l but it was not easy getting Honey to accept him. If I had it to do again, I'd get two at the same time. Honey was very happy as an only child and it took a while for her to accept Harry. (Like years.!) Hah!

      • Katherine, I heard the “wait” advice too. I didn't wait. I think we got Honey about 2 or 3 weeks after losing Mitch. She gave me a reason to get up in the morning. I took one look in her big golden eyes and it was absolute, this was my “forever” girl. (My next “forever” girl.) Kath, it helps so much. Think about it.

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  • I can't even fathom your pain as I sit here with my 3 pups surrounding me. These girls are as precious to me as my own 3 daughters. I am so very sorry.

    I watched the whole video because I love cooking infomercials. That was simply hilarious.

    • I love infomercials… usually I've had a bit of adult beverage on a Friday night… sitting up late in my bed not quite ready to crash and on comes the infomercials….!

  • Jeannie

    ***Giggle***Giggle*** Gotta love a flying dics egg!!! Always good for a laugh…..

    Hope the days are getting a little better for you, can't imagine what I would do if something would happen to one of my “girls”. I don't know how I feel about getting another dog already?! Guess you'll know.

  • Lol! I have to admit that I was fascinated pondering why I would want to cook on gravel. But the icing on the cake was certainly the flying egg. It reminded me of the blob the way it jumped out of the pan and onto the plate!

  • Too funny! I love a good (i.e. ridiculous) informercial. Thanks for sharing this one. 🙂

    • Infomercials make you want to buy EVERYTHING…. they know just how to manipulate. But the flying egg… I just wonder who came up with THAT one… !!! “I know, if we have an egg fly out of a pan and make a funny noise, people will buy!” Oh how I would LOVE a free sample of them though! 😉

  • Im glad your family found the laughter again! At least those crazy infomercials are finally good for something!

  • Ha, no eggs I ever fixed slid around in the pan like, and I always use non-stick for eggs. You ordered yours yet?

    My condolences on your loss. We've done that same thing for 3 cats in the past. You are right, there are no replacements, but you will find the right one to fill your house with love and joy again.

    • I haven't even looked at the price on those pans LOL… maybe the company will give me some to review? ha ha

  • I love infomercials so I actually watched the whole thing. I think I definitely need those since my eggs don't fly around like that.

  • I actually love infomercials and I watched the whole thing. For some reason I get sucked right in and then I want to buy it. I never do buy it because I'm a cheapskate, but I still enjoy seeing what's out there.

    And the flying omelet is awesome.

    That would make a fantastic name for a band. One night only — The Flying Omelets with special guest Ke$ha.

    • I love infomercials too…. I actually got the instyler which i can't live without. 🙂 I think that is the only infomercial I caved with.

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