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Shoot Me NowWhat Animal Parts Are In YOUR Refrigerator?

What Animal Parts Are In YOUR Refrigerator?
Published on Friday, January 13, 2012 by

You may remember the last time I talked about my refrigerator.   How many of you have ever found blood in your fridge?  Blood that is pooling beneath a mystery bag of meat?

This week my refrigerator runneth over.  Behold exhibit A.

muskrat skull picture

I can’t tell you who put these skulls in my refrigerator or why.  But I can tell you where they ended up.  Outside for a photography session.  From there, they wound up on my entertainment center.

skull identification

bottom of muskrat skull

Exhibit B?  A deer leg recently slow cooked in the oven.  After I explained to my oldest that food should be wrapped, it soon became a barbecue dinner for him and his three friends.

store deer meat

Once the meal was complete, the leg bone became the focus of my dalmatian’s evening activities.

dalmatian deer

Deer meat is like crack for dogs.

deer food

Are you one of those people who has a neat and orderly refrigerator?  Or is yours willy-nilly like mine?  And even better, have you ever found something in your refrigerator that you could not explain?

mom blog

  • Our fridge is just like your fridge and sometimes it’s downright scary in there.  Bwahahahahaha.  Yes I’ve found things that I had no idea what it was.  That’s the most scary.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  •  My fridge is definitely an unorganized mess, but I don’t have skulls or blood in it… usually 🙂

    I also have the Bermuda Triangle of fridges. I’ve never found stuff in it but things have disappeared… and nobody was responsible. Of course.  

  • Jay

    Ah… the mystery pool of blood!  Sometimes it’s just random liquid, which somehow seems worse. At least you can identify blood as blood and it’s easy to see where it came from!

    Skulls in the fridge?  But why??  It’s not as if they’re going to go off, is it?  Hahaha!

    Are deer leg bones safe cooked for dogs?  We’ve given ours venision treats, but honestly, they’re not that enamoured.  And they turn their noses up at ostrich!  Think I spoil them?

  • heather

    Sounds like a normal week my mystery things in the fridge from my Childhood. At least it wasn’t frozen animal carcuses or hides in your freezer along with oozey skulls in the car. 🙂 Ah good times! I loved it!

  • That? Would scare the life outta me!

    The only “animal” we have in our fridge is bacon!

  • Mundo virtual

    When I saw the title I thought what a disgusting title!But now, that I red your post, I understand what you mean! By the way, I dont have “animals” in my fridge! It’s plenty of vegetables

  • I’m afraid I’ve never found anything as amusing as skulls in my fridge.  Food of questionable origin, yes, but that doesn’t provide photo ops or home decor!

  • I’m sure if I had kids there’d be all kinds of inexplicable wonders in the fridge. But..it’s just the two of us and our contents are half willy nilly and half organized depending on how lazy I am.

  • Well, we had one of our dead cats in our freezer overnight.

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  • guest

    that isn’t a fox skull but a raccoon skull. 100% positive.

  • Topaz

    Definitely a raccoon skull, and what looks to be a grey squirrel.

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