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Shoot Me NowWhat Animal Parts Are In YOUR Refrigerator?

What Animal Parts Are In YOUR Refrigerator?
Published on Friday, January 13, 2012 by

You may remember the last time I talked about my refrigerator.   How many of you have ever found blood in your fridge?  Blood that is pooling beneath a mystery bag of meat?

This week my refrigerator runneth over.  Behold exhibit A.

muskrat skull picture

I can’t tell you who put these skulls in my refrigerator or why.  But I can tell you where they ended up.  Outside for a photography session.  From there, they wound up on my entertainment center.

skull identification

bottom of muskrat skull

Exhibit B?  A deer leg recently slow cooked in the oven.  After I explained to my oldest that food should be wrapped, it soon became a barbecue dinner for him and his three friends.

store deer meat

Once the meal was complete, the leg bone became the focus of my dalmatian’s evening activities.

dalmatian deer

Deer meat is like crack for dogs.

deer food

Are you one of those people who has a neat and orderly refrigerator?  Or is yours willy-nilly like mine?  And even better, have you ever found something in your refrigerator that you could not explain?

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